Gender identity, gateway to transhumanism

Sexual dimorphism is the biggest obstacle to the transhuman project. That is why there is such a battle over gender identity, which detaches us from the reality of our sexed bodies. And throughout the West, legislation promotes desexing. The front line of the struggle is this
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Gender identity is the lynchpin of the transhuman umbrella, which includes womb renting, trade in human gametes, trans pregnancies, child hormonisation, cross-species hybridisation, etc. and so on. Most of these issues revolve around the question of the human sexuality and the reproduction. What does this have to do with the just demand for the protection of homosexual and transsexual people?

In his best seller Surveillance capitalism, Shoshana Zuboff makes it clear that the real goal of the big Big Tech companies -Google, Facebook etc- is to make sure that they are able to do so.  is not so much about scrutinising our behaviour as about influencing and modifying it to maximise profits.

Apparently, working on behaviour is no longer enough: even our bodies have to be modified for the sake of profit. Social media make us feel free, and also the war against the body is sold as freedom.

The objective is theneutral individual, absolute precarious, free of all ties, even to his own body, consumer and producer, fungible according to the needs of the market. Human sexuality is a major obstacle to this project.

But transhumanism is by no means an ineluctable is by no means true that, as they say, it is only a matter of time.

It is rather a proposal for civilisation on which we all have the right to exercise our choices.

We feminists are on the side of a neo-humanism with female roots, in which the body, relationships and dependence between living beings replace the illusion of the individual free of all ties.with all that this entails.

We have the right, indeed the duty, to discuss these issues for as long as necessary, without any electoral haste.

If you are in a hurry to have a law against homotransphobia, A text such as the Scalfarotto-Annibali bill is fine, and would certainly find a majority. For everything else, starting with gender identity, we need to be able to discuss calmly and for as long as necessary.



There is a ghost floating around the global institutionalisation of 'gender identity'. What is it about? What is happening? We see that something is happening, but we cannot understand it. Why are these changes taking place in Western cultures, promoted by major capitals and governments?

This ghost has a name: Transhumanism. It is the unnamed question in the middle of the 'gender identity' salonwhich we are unable to deal with fully. All the tentacles of change that transform society, operated in the name of gender, arise from this ghost, this thing that we refuse to name and face.

Transhumanism is the front line to resist if we want to stop the deconstruction of our species. We, as human beings, are sexually dimorphic and the"gender identity' is deconstructing sex. Gender Identity" has many different forms, but most of us look at the details and do not see the whole. We need to look at what 'gender identity' produces, rather than what it means. It destroys sex as a meaningful category and is literally desexualising children and young people . This is the point. This is how it is used by those who force culture to normalise the dissociation from our sexual reality.

Acceptance of the desexing of the human body is the subject of investment by billionaires from the pharmaceutical and technology sectors, such as Martine Rothblatt a transexual-transhumanist, and Jennifer Pritzker another transsexual who, with her family, holds the huge investments in the medical industrial complex. Tim Gill of the LGBT NGO Gill Foundation is driving the normalisation of body dissociation globally through 'gender identity' and investing in technology and artificial intelligence. Jon Strykerheir to Stryker's medical fortune, leads the gender identity or body dissociation project worldwide with the LGBT NGO Arcus Foundationwhich he founded.

These men are all deeply attached to the Global LGBT human rights NGOs are driving the dissociation of the body in our cultures, dismantling sexual dimorphism and promoting a multiplicity of the sexes. This does not mean that all these men know each other and work in unison, although most do. It means that they belong to a class holding financial powerhave investments in the technology and pharmaceutical industries and are aware of what brings profits to these sectors.

Dr Heather Brunskell Evans an academic philosopher in the UK, recently quoted a report published by Gendered Intelligence (GI), a global 'transgender' lobby group, which argues that children should be free to manipulate their sexual characteristics. GI states that the freedom of children and young people lies in the " dismantle the power culturally attributed to the organic. This is a fascinating statement. GI's message seems clear: thehe biological reality of sex is a social construct that has too much power.

A UK Ministry of Defence report recently published details the advances in human enhancement, not only in defence but also in our lives as human beings. "Human enhancement can have an impact on every aspect of our lives and even change the meaning of what it means to be human. It could change philosophical concepts, our belief systems and ethical and legal structures in ways that we can predict'.

Aren't the changes we are witnessing in the new gender industry, represented as a human rights movement? As for the puberty blockersdrugs whose effects cause irreversible damage, the gender strategy states: "It is important that children and young people ... can experiment, change their minds, try out new styles, express themselves'.. They are clearly arguing that children should be given carte blanche in the choosing to change their sexual characteristics and using dangerous substances to do so.

Laws are rapidly being adapted in many countries at the same time, helped by LGBT NGOs and the transgender' organisations to make legal changes that would allow the depathologisation of disincarnation.

Identità di genere, porta d'ingresso al transumanesimo
Poster in an Italian school

An American, Martine Rothblatt held a conference in Canada in 2016, on the need for 'technological transhumanists'. create a political apparatus comparable to the WPATH (World Professional Association of Transgender Health), which will socially validate 'technological transhumanists'. Rothblatt created the first legal framework for gender construction worldwide. He has worked on the human genome project at UN level and for NASA. He owns a biopharmaceutical company, has created a religion of disincarnation and built a robot of his wife.

Rothblatt has written and spoken about the changes in humanity that will deconstruct sexual dimorphism for at least a generation. He compares sexual dimorphism to South African apartheid and is linked to the branch of3.6 trillion dollar business of the organisation Global LGBT OutLeadership . He wrote in future reproduction technology in which humans, with the help of technology, will not need to mate.

The President Biden has recently approved another bill in which it 'gender identity' will prevail over women's rights based on sex. Our language has already changed to erase our sexual reality. Is it possible that Biden does not understand what he is doing? Obama, helped financially on the campaign trail by the Pritzkers - under whom Biden served as vice president - became the first president to use the word 'transgender' in a state of the union address. Obama convened a special meeting for 'transgender' students in the White House in 2015, earning the title of "Trans President.

That the president of the United States would do this for a tiny fraction of the population of children who have body dysphoria related to their genitals is absurd, as are the laws being passed around the world that allow men to claim to perceive themselves as women. Just as absurd are the new corporations for employees of global banks who have gender dysphoria. It's crazy to celebrate castration parties for young people and Mastercard has created a credit card for those who dissociate themselves from their sexual reality. It is not only important, but it is imperative to name this madnessinstead of supporting the premise of a third category of humans who are not male or female and for whom society is reorganised.

The only thing that is clear is that people are being prepared for huge changes in humanity and that laws are being changed to support the coming changes.

This forced evolution of our species is upon us. We must understand that gender identity is a façade for normalising the desexing of our species in the direction of a fusion with technology. far more complex than we have seen so far. We must have the courage to address transhumanism in the midst of the 'gender identity' salon or we risk being changed forever.

original article heretranslated by Marina Terragni

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