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Warning your daughters is politics
The education of young men continues to be called for against sexual violence and rape. While teaching young women how to protect themselves and raising the alarm about early sexualisation and the risks associated with substance abuse is considered discriminatory and re-victimising. Every mother feels she has to do it but is blamed for it

If feminism is "starting from oneself" it is from me that I want to start, from what I felt after the horrible killing [...]


Talk about sexual harassment
A highly participatory research carried out by the University of Milan-Bicocca and told in a book edited by Chiara Volpato investigates the topic in depth, revealing that the harassers are in most cases known men who are part of the family, friend and work circle. That harassment renews and strengthens the device of domination. And that - as happens with sexual violence - the mechanism of self-blame on the part of the victims is a constant in their experiences

The book “Narrating sexual harassment. An empirical investigation" edited by Chiara Volpato (Rosenberg & Sellier, 2023) was born from the expressed need

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In the rules against violence against women, we talk about sex and not "gender identity": open letter to the European Parliament
Violence against women will not be combated if the texts of laws and treaties do not clearly refer to sex and not to "gender". We join feminist and gender critical groups in an appeal to European parliamentarians who will express their opinion on the Commission's anti-violence proposal: write clearly in the text that women and girls are the female sex and do not leave any opening to gender ideology

We also signed the letter to the European Commission on combating violence against women and domestic abuse

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Belgium, new law on femicide. To study
In Europe, male violence is the main cause of death for women between 16 and 44 years old. Belgium is equipped with a new law which for the first time legally defines feminicides in order to develop policies based on official statistics. Bearing in mind that violence is a device of male domination

Stop the massacre of women. This is the meaning of the new "law on the prevention and fight against feminicides,

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A video every 10 minutes
The brutal murder of Alessandra Matteuzzi, killed with a hammer by her ex, is the perfect representation of every feminicide: the murderer is not someone who loses control, but who re-establishes it. Her death serves to rediscover the balance lost following abandonment. Violence is a function of domination. E' This is where you have to keep your gaze to be able to stop it

The killing of Alessandra Matteuzzi, the Bolognese woman killed by her ex with hammers and blows with an iron bench, is the

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8 March 2022 – 8 March 2023: agenda for a year of feminism
Maternity, work, uterus for rent, gender identity, transition of minors, women's health, male violence, prostitution, politics and elections, women in the South, ecological transition: these are the themes we will be working on in the coming months, described in a meeting that you can see here. To take part in the work, write to

Maternity, work, womb for rent, gender identity, transition of minors, women's health, male violence, prostitution, politics and elections,

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Wonders of gender identity: the female rapist
Police Scotland say a rapist who describes himself as a female will be registered as a woman, even if he has a penis. Scottish feminists are addressing Parliament against this absurd abuse, which would fill the statistics of female rape. Nothing but fake news, as the supporters of the Zan bill say. The Times talks about it here

Where gender self-certification or self-id is in effect, women's spaces are violated by men who identify as

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