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No, the veil is not "feminist"
Not all choices, however apparently free, can be defined as feminism. The modesty of Islamic clothing is a surrender to the idea of the impurity of women and the ungovernability of male sexuality. And it's not clear why a left-wing weekly like l'Espresso promotes modest fashion ***

The latest issue of L'Espresso, in the “Belle storie” series, publishes a text by Francesca Barra entitled: “Wearing the veil is a […]

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The Iranians are fighting for us too
Women in Iran are oppressed, violated and killed precisely because of their women's bodies. And their revolt could free everyone. E' Is the woke West of gender identity and "freedom of the veil" ready to understand and support this revolution that is blowing for us too? Woman, life, freedom

In the uncertain and ever-changing geopolitical order of our time, in the midst of a global political agenda that moves from right to left

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