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Born to a rented mother
Olivia Maurel, 32, was born to a surrogate mother and today fights on the front line against the practice which she defines as "atrocious" and "monstrous". He always knew something was wrong in his family. He suffers from depression, has had alcoholism problems and has attempted suicide several times. Only recently did he discover the truth about his origins and that he had suffered the trauma of abandonment. “What happened to me should happen to no child again,” he says.

Commercial or "altruistic" the surrogate must be abolished. These are the words of Olivia Maurel, born in December 1991 in Kentucky from […]

International news

November 13th in The Hague against the rented womb
The Conference of Private International Law is pushing for the transnational recognition of gestation contracts for others with the aim of overriding national legislation to the advantage of biomarket profits. The Icams coalition against the GPA organized a demonstration in defense of the dignity of women and against the market of girls and boys

The International Coalition to Abolish Surrogacy (ICASM) has organized an international demonstration in front of the

Italian news

Following the pressing request of the Minister for PPOO Eugenia Roccella, the deadline set for UDI to adapt its statute in order to also allow men to register has been postponed by 180 days. In the meantime, the powerful Schlienian Igor Taruffi, transfeminist councilor for Welfare and responsible for organizing the national PD, will have to explain which passage of the circular on the reform of the Third Sector justifies his attack on female separatism

Upon pressing request from the Minister of PPOO Eugenia Roccella, the Emilia Romagna Region granted a 180-day extension to

Italian news

The new PD proposal on children born from rented wombs is wrong: here's why
The idea is a "rewarding" subsidized path - only 4 months - for the adoption of children born from gestation for others: a quasi-automatism which instead of counteracting it would encourage the use of the practice. Furthermore, a difference is made between this type of adopters - Gpa customers - and all the others for whom the timing would not change. But the Constitution wants us to be equal before the law

The PD has submitted to the Senate - the first signatory is the cattodem Alfredo Bazoli, deputy vice-president of the PD group - a proposal to

International news

Greece, trafficking of wombs and children: newborns "seized", couples stranded waiting
The team of the Mediterranean Fertility Institute of Crete arrested on suspicion of trafficking in human beings and gametes, fraud and falsification. Many dozens of poor Eastern European women convinced to allow themselves to be exploited to provide children to mostly Australian clients

The Mediterranean Fertility Institute, a surrogacy clinic in Crete, was raided by the police on suspicion of human trafficking


Lesbian motherhood: an open letter to Kathleen Stock
The gender critical philosopher says she is worried about the rights of lesbian mothers denied "by the Meloni government". But it was the judiciary and not the government that decided that only biological mothers can appear in birth certificates. For the law to recognize sexual difference in procreation, homosexual women need to break the front with rich gay males who resort to rented wombs: homoparenting is just ideology

We have followed with attention and sisterly the story of Kathleen Stock, gender critical philosopher, author among other things of Material Girls:


The “right” to have a slave: Hagar and the rented womb
For days the supporters of the Gpa have been relaunching the "news" with joy: even God allows a woman to have a child for others as demonstrated by the biblical narrative of Sarah - Abraham's wife incapable of conceiving - and her servant Hagar who lent her womb. Therefore, even today temporary slaves are claimed to be available: a real ethical and political short circuit. And an own goal. Also because the story of Genesis should be read in its entirety

For days on social media, supporters of the rented womb, in particular many LGBTQ+ activists and their supporters, have been relaunching the story

Italian news

Only happiness
The universal crime of renting the womb is a quasi-law, approved by a large majority in the Chamber. With rare exceptions, the left voted against (the notable absence of Schlein and Conte in the chamber was notable). Final approval in the Senate within the year. Finally the result, after many years of bare-knuckle fighting. Hoping that Italy can become a model for the legislation of other countries in the defense of fundamental human rights

We could give you a summary of the many and very long previous episodes. Make a list of threats, insults, deplatforming, doors


On the risks of the ROPA method
The technique used by a growing number of lesbian couples consists in using the oocyte of one to create an embryo which will then be inserted into the womb of the other which will lead to the pregnancy. A dangerous practice physically and psychologically both for the two women and for the child who will be born. Here because

In our recent statement For the True Good of Children we expressed our concern about the growing use of

Italian news

For the true good of children
Demand the complete transcription of birth certificates for those born from rented wombs and other assisted fertilization practices, rejecting the path of adoption by "intentional" parent (stepchild) indicated by the Court of Cassation and validated in these hours by the European Court of Human Rights, harms minors in the first instance. And it deprives them of those rights that they claim to want to defend: our statement

We at the Network for the Inviolability of the Female Body, RadFem Italia and FINAARGIT ((International feminist network against any artificial reproduction, ideology

International news, Italian news

CIAMS, STOP SURROGACY NOW, FINRRAGE, THE JAPAN COALITION and other associations. And together with them eminent figures of international feminism such as SYLVIANE AGACINSKI, GENA COREA and PHYLLIS CHESLER. Who together with us are asking Italian parliamentarians to approve the law which will arrive in the Chamber on June 19th

Network for the Inviolability of the Female Body, Radfem Italia, FINAARGIT (International feminist network against all artificial reproduction, gender ideology and transhumanism)

Italian news

Baby Fair in Milan: something to hide?
A rigorous and detailed code of conduct imposed on those who participate in Wish for a Baby, the assisted reproduction salon. Strictly personal badge, ban on filming and distributing leaflets, threat of expulsion, even appropriate clothing, bag searches and scanners. And policemen in uniform or plain clothes keeping watch. Why so much caution? Isn't this a simple information event on the various techniques? Perhaps we will also talk about a rented uterus, the propaganda of which is a crime in Italy? Or are they just trying to scare those who intend to be there to peacefully protest against the reproductive market?

Those who have registered for the Wish for a Baby Baby Fair scheduled for May 20-21 in Milan

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