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UK: gender identity will no longer be talked about at school
New crackdown by the Sunak government after the Cass report which also warns about the risks of the social transition of minors, the so-called "alias identity" which has already been adopted by many Italian schools: in the classroom we will not teach as much as we can change sex and sexual education will be calibrated according to age. And never without parental consent

After years and years of transactivists from associations like Stonewall and Mermaids playing havoc

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Letter to Rishi Sunak: we need a public inquiry into the influence of transgender ideology
One hundred and thirty British MPs, doctors, psychiatrists, academics and detransitioners - including JK Rowling - have written a letter to the Prime Minister to invite him to examine the "pervasive influence" of transgender ideology in schools and the National Health Service and to ascertain the responsibility for the damage caused to thousands of girls and boys

“Rishi, if you read this petition please do the right thing and urgently launch a public inquiry. The well-being of

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UK. Cass report: never again affirmative therapy for minors with gender-related problems
The final report on the transitions of minors by pediatrician Hilary Cass is released: offering affirmative therapy was a failure. There is no evidence on the effectiveness of puberty blockers, which should never be prescribed, except in rare special cases. Opposite sex hormones should not be given before the age of 18, and even between 18 and 25 caution should be used. A definitive watershed

The long-awaited definitive report of the Cass Review was released this morning, an independent review chaired by pediatrician Hilary Cass on the services of

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The UK has decided: no more puberty blockers for minors with dysphoria. It's the definitive turning point (in memory of Yarden Silveira, 1998-2021, killed by "sex change")
Not just the stop at the Tavistock Clinic: puberty blockers will no longer be prescribed in any British center for "gender non-conforming" girls and boys. The approach will have to be solely psychological: a sensational turning point that will have cascading effects throughout the world, including Italy. One of the biggest scandals in the history of medicine is finally coming to an end: will anyone pay for the thousands of irreversibly damaged minors? Remembering here one of them who lost his life due to the unscrupulousness of doctors and surgeons


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UK: new guidelines for "trans children" at school
No to the "social" transition for primary school girls. Careful evaluation in the other grades to ensure that there is no "social" influence. Involvement of parents in every decision. Bathrooms divided by gender. And an end to the LGBTQAI+ propaganda which for years has almost exclusively managed affective and sexual education courses. Look at the turning point in the United Kingdom so as not to make the same mistakes

For years in the UK, sex education in schools has meant LGBTQAI+ propaganda managed by organizations such as Stonewall and Mermaids. The epidemic of

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UK: increasingly clear no to gender self-identification (self-id)
Justice agrees with the Sunak government: the Scottish law that wanted to introduce free choice of sex is not constitutional. Meanwhile, the Minister of Equal Opportunities Kemi Badenoch defines the pharmacological treatment of "gender non-conforming" girls as "conversion therapy". And he announces a law against self-id tourism

Rishi Sunak's central British government had imposed a constitutional veto on Scotland's gender identity law. The High

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British academics against cancel culture
On November 20th the London Universities Council for Academic Freedom will be presented, a body that brings together around a hundred professors from the major English universities with the aim of fighting against censorship and single-mindedness which in recent years have prevented discussion and academic freedom compromising the education of thousands of students. Above all, LGBTQ+ realities such as Stonewall are in the spotlight, which have heavily influenced university and higher education. It was time, and go on!

As reported by The Telegraph, over a hundred academics from top British universities have joined forces to

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UK: men who "identify" as women are out of women's hospital wards
The Sunak government responds to the woke initiative of the British medical association which ordered its members to no longer use the terms "woman" and "mother" by reinstating the criterion of biological sex and abandoning that of gender identity in the service healthcare. Because there is a need to return to common sense

In the UK the battle is raging over the physical and symbolic spaces reserved for women. To the British Medical Council (General Medical Council)

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UK, you can no longer say "woman" or "mother": the woke provisions of the General Medical Council
Unheard of violent decision by the British medical register: the word woman must be erased at every level. It cannot be mentioned even when talking about maternity, childbirth, breastfeeding, menopause. Even 999, the emergency number, can no longer ask what gender the person asking for help is. The woke know very well that the female body is the main obstacle to the transhuman project. And they want to erase it even in language

It keeps happening: women and mothers must also be erased from the vocabulary, at every level. They don't give up because

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UK: Labor backtracks on gender self-determination
Even the Labor Party has understood that the fight for trans rights could cost it a large portion of the female electorate. And he changes course on self-id, ensuring that he will defend the right to reserved spaces for women, the first of the progressive parties to change course. And the Italian left? It will arrive last, as usual. But it will get there

While Italian progressives continue to hold firm on gender self-determination or self-id - Elly Schlein's programmatic point in the primaries

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USA, UK, France: laws to prevent minors from accessing online porn
They are called Age Verification Law and serve to block the entry of girls and boys to porn sites to preserve the free development of their sexuality which is profoundly disturbed by those misogynistic and violent models. The last to approve was Virginia after Louisiana, Arkansas, Utah and Mississippi. And a dozen other American states are gearing up. It is also being discussed in Europe, starting with France which has a law in the pipeline. So in the UK where the law would be in force from 2024. It's time to talk about it in Italy too

Terrible is the story of those almost-children who during a New Year's party organized with spirits, drugs and condoms

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