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This story must end
War is not an invention of women. War reduces us to prey and makes us mute things. Positioning ourselves - here or there - does not give us peace. Peace is not the interval between one war and another. Peace is not helplessness but an active force that regulates relationships and resolves conflicts. We demand that rebellious children recognize their mother's authority and avoid the obligation of acts of domination and oppression

“War has always been the specific activity of the male and his model of virile behavior.” Carla Lonzi, Manifesto […]

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There is war in Ukraine. Do you go to Prague to rent uteruses?
Sold as "altruistic" - but with "expense reimbursement" equal to Ukrainian rates, GPA could become a new business in the Czech Republic given the tragedy in Kiev, where children are not collected by clients frightened by the conflict. With all-inclusive packages, including cultural attractions and good restaurants. Meanwhile in Spain a ruling from the Supreme Court reiterates the severe condemnation of the practice which "reduces women and creatures to commodities".

A very recent ruling by the Supreme Court in Spain states that the rented womb violates the rights of mothers and children

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Manifesto of Russian feminists against the war
As Russian citizens and feminists, we condemn this war. Feminism as a political force cannot be on the side of a war of aggression and military occupation. The feminist movement in Russia fights for the weakest subjects and for the development of a just society with equal opportunities and prospects, in which there can be no room for violence and military conflicts

On February 24, at approximately 5:30 am Moscow time, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced an “operation

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The strength you need (if it's not too late)
Angela Merkel knows the reality of the East better than anyone else, has always dialogued with Putin and has the necessary authority to represent Europe, which today is struggling to find a face, in an extreme attempt at mediation. As long as there is still time to stop the war. But perhaps there is some to contain the damage

War is the absolute absurdity and is proving it again, plunging us into aphasia. Words seem to lose meaning when the

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Ukraine: there is also the drama of "surrogate" mothers
Ukraine is the European factory for made-to-order babies: thousands are born every year. Today, to save the "product" and investment, rich clients demand that pregnant mothers leave the country on the brink of war, separating themselves from their families and children. Further violence against these poor and exploited women

Ukraine is on the brink of war. The world is holding its breath, Europe could find itself facing a conflict

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