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UK: an investigative book is published on the Tavistock case, a clinic that "treated" autistic girls and led them to transition
BBC journalist Hanna Barnes struggled to find a publisher: the censorship we all know. But in the end he did it. And now his sensational essay is out on the Tavistock scandal, a clinic for the transition of minors closed by the English national health service: puberty blockers casually prescribed to pre-adolescents with autism, trauma or psychological disorders. For years some workers have tried to raise the alarm, but have been intimidated and silenced. An entirely political issue, because the health of girls and boys is at stake. Thousands across the West lured by pounding trans-propaganda

Hanna Barnes is a BBC journalist. After having conducted a thorough investigation into the Tavistock clinic in London, a center for […]

International news

Sweden, Karolinska hospital admits: with puberty blockers we have damaged the health of girls
Self-declaration by the largest Swedish center for the transition of minors: in the case of "Leo", a girl treated with blockers at 11 years old, today with osteoporosis and other pathologies, the drugs caused "serious injuries". And there are at least 12 other cases of young people damaged beyond repair. When will Italy deal with the issue?

As we had already told you, the "pioneer" Sweden - together with many other Western nations - has decided to put an abrupt stop to

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Lesbians against the transition of girls and boys
Lesbians United is born in the USA to raise the alarm about the serious risks of the early medicalisation of minors with "gender dysphoria". Which, they say, "is a scam". In the hope that the American gay and lesbian movement, highly critical of the trans-industry, will finally break its silence and find a listening ear

Lesbians United, a US lesbian organization, has launched a public information campaign entitled "Understanding the transition of minors" through


Making tons of money with “gender identity”
The techno-medical business as a whole has a turnover of 10 trillion dollars a year. To grow it must conquer new markets. The ideology that promotes the free choice of sex opens up an immense territory. Jennifer Bilek explains definitively and in detail how - and by whom - the LGB agenda was put at the service of the gender industry

One of the most brilliant tactics used by the gender industry in its fight to dismantle human sexual dimorphism for the

International news

Spain stops Ley Trans. Germany too
Great victory for Spanish feminism: the government is divided over the Ley Trans - which introduced gender self-certification - and the abstention of the PSOE blocks the process. A similar law was blocked in the Bundestag. After the stop to self-id in the UK, transactivists are still on the corner. A boomerang also for the Zan bill

Bad blow for the transhumanists: with 78 votes in favour, 143 against and 120 abstentions, the Ley Trans process in

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