Girls who remove their breasts
Transactivist propaganda invites girls who are uncomfortable with their female forms to compress their breasts with special bands (binders), the first step towards the final mastectomy. The same misogynistic violence as traditional "breast ironing" practiced in Africa. In the UK, the Mermaids charity - publicly funded - is accused of sending slings to teenagers against their parents' advice

Breast ironing is a horrible practice still in use in some regions of Africa, particularly Cameroon.

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Recording those who criticize trans people is a violation of human rights
An important ruling from the English Court of Appeal: those who criticize trans activism or trans people will no longer be able to be registered for "non-illegal acts of hatred", a category completely invented by the police which, according to the Court, violates the European Convention on Human Rights of the Man. Starting with freedom of speech

from a post by Giovanni Dall'Orto The English Court of Appeal ruled this morning that the practice of filing as

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New Forstater case in the UK: lawyer sues Stonewall for "inducing discrimination"
Allison Bailey was allegedly bullied and discriminated against by her law firm for expressing her opposition to self-certification of gender or self-id. Lesbian and founder of LGB Alliance, the woman denounced the study and also Stonewall. Who, she is convinced, actively worked for his "punishment"

Stonewall will face a court case for encouraging the law firm where Allison Bailey, a lesbian lawyer, works

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Kathleen Stock resigned: “The witch is dead”
This is how the students of the University of Sussex who had threatened the teacher and asked for her dismissal are celebrating her resignation. The decision was made after "an absolutely horrible time for me and my family". University's support lukewarm, while other academics attack it: its defense of sex against gender reinforces 'patriarchal status quo'

Kathleen Stock, the philosophy professor at the center of a controversy for her views on gender identification and

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An anti-censorship service to protect teachers gagged by queers in universities
Trans-activist censorship is rapidly spreading in Italian universities, preventing the free circulation of thought. We would need a law for free speech on the model of the British Higher Education Bill. And from now on, the possibility of reporting intimidation in safety should be guaranteed, without incurring reprisals and dismissals.

In the English and American academic world the deplatforming (gag) imposed on teachers critical of free gender identity (self-id) is

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Hormones to children: UK judges wash their hands of it. The Court of Appeal ruling on the Keira Bell case
In response to the Tavistock Clinic's appeal on the Keira Bell ruling, the Court throws the ball back to the doctors: it is they, not the judges, who have to decide whether a minor is able to express his consent to the experimental "therapy" that blocks development and leads to transition. But the debate is now open. And the fear of lawsuits from repentant minors - detransitioners - leads the medical profession to be cautious

The English Court of Appeal has partially overturned the sentence that had found in favor of the young detransitioner Keira Bell (here the

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CBS news under queer attack for a program on detransitioners
An episode on detransitioners on 60 Minutes, a historic program on the American CBS News channel, was the subject of warnings and threats from transactivists already in the preparation phase. The diktat is always the same: keep quiet. Only glitter propaganda allowed

The strategy of queer activism always commands silence. If politicians are discussing a bill to introduce self-determination

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