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The “milk” of men
The English National Health Service assures that the milk produced by a male body - stimulated with ad hoc pharmacological therapy - is as good for the newborn as that of his mother, who is erased. Minimizing the risks to the child's health are largely compensated by the ideological and symbolic benefits. It's the transhuman, beauties!

Human “milk” is a perfect example of what we call transhuman. Women's milk, on the other hand, is human, [...]

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Women attacked from the right and the left: the ashes on the heads of the New York Times
Organ of liberals and woke culture, for some months the great US newspaper has undertaken a vigorous change of direction, admitting its excesses and the misogyny of the new progressive trend committed to erasing women. While waiting for the self-critical wind to arrive in Europe too

by Pamela Paul Perhaps it makes sense that women – creatures with a compliant and pleasant appearance, altruistic and very nice –

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Adele is also a Terf: you can't call yourself a woman
The BRIT Awards, the most prestigious music award in the UK, abolishes the male and female categories in the name of gender neutrality. But Adele, this year's winner, says she is proud to be a woman. For this reason she is accused of transphobia and overwhelmed by hatred

As already happened last year in the Italian edition of X Factor, also the BRIT Awards 2022 - the most prestigious music award

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Spain. Psychologist denounced by transactivists. He risks suspension
Carola López Moya, a left-wing feminist, thinks that people with dysphoria should accept themselves. breaking gender cages and without medicalization. The T l'associations have denounced it, saying that his approach is "conversion therapy". You risk a fine of up to 120 thousand euros in addition to the suspension of your activity

While precisely in the countries that first adopted the medical protocol (puberty blockers, cross-test hormones) for the transition

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UK. You say no baby is born in the wrong body? In jail!
Jennifer Swayne, a feminist from Newport - Wales - was arrested for a transphobic hate crime. He had put up stickers and posters with slogans such as "no men in women's prisons" and "human beings never change sex". The police searched his home, seizing a book critical of the transition of minors. "It's my thought to be accused" she says "not what I did"

Welsh feminist Jennifer Swayne has been arrested in Newport for a transphobic hate crime, charged with criminal damage and


We women, the "Privileged"
Transactivism defines being born a woman as a "privilege" that must be open even to those who have not had this unspeakable fortune. E' the old envious story as always, or patriarchy. But talking about privilege is a step forward in clarity. If the world needs women more and more, then the real women will be "them"

There's something good here. In recent years we have been resisting the invasion of being a woman by men. In reality he is alone

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Don't say woman: The Economist against Newspeak
Referring to The Lancet, flooded with protests for having used the expression "bodies with vaginas" instead of women, the British weekly attacks linguistic innovations to the detriment of women, defined as "dehumanizing". White fly among the big Western media that continue to censor every critical voice of the transactivist diktat. Out of opportunism, or out of fear

“Bodies with vaginas” is a strange way to refer to half the human race. Yet it was the expression that The

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Save us from the Taliban. But also by Judith Butler
Splendid reply from Pakistani Bina Shah to the Californian philosopher who in a controversial article in the Guardian stated that "the category of woman must be redefined" to include those who "perceive themselves" as such. But Afghan women, Shah says, are oppressed precisely because of their actual female bodies. A harsh invective against Western neo-colonialism, that of gender and transactivism, which looms on the horizon

In a much-discussed article published by the Guardian, Judith Butler stated that "the category of women needs to be rethought", as well as

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