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Girls who remove their breasts
Transactivist propaganda invites girls who are uncomfortable with their female forms to compress their breasts with special bands (binders), the first step towards the final mastectomy. The same misogynistic violence as traditional "breast ironing" practiced in Africa. In the UK, the Mermaids charity - publicly funded - is accused of sending slings to teenagers against their parents' advice

Breast ironing is a horrible practice still in use in some regions of Africa, particularly Cameroon. […]

International news

Bullying and social contagion behind the epidemic of "trans children" in English schools
Girls and boys who come home from school saying they are "trans" often suffer from autism or learning difficulties and have suffered episodes of bullying. In the UK, parents denounce the role of classmates and teachers and accuse schools of not fulfilling their duty of care towards vulnerable pupils

Since we founded Our Duty in 2018, we have collected the experiences of parents with children who would like to get started


Mothers of girls treated with hormones: their loneliness, their pain
When they resist chemical and surgical "therapies" and ask for a more cautious approach for their daughters and sons with dysphoria, these parents find themselves against everyone: friends, schools, doctors, therapists, politicians, media and culture. On how many fronts can we fight alone? The story of the American psychiatrist Miriam Grossman, who treats the desperation of these families

Keira Bell, with her battle against the large London gender clinic Tavistock, has become the symbol of thousands of

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