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Sweden, Karolinska hospital admits: with puberty blockers we have damaged the health of girls
Self-declaration by the largest Swedish center for the transition of minors: in the case of "Leo", a girl treated with blockers at 11 years old, today with osteoporosis and other pathologies, the drugs caused "serious injuries". And there are at least 12 other cases of young people damaged beyond repair. When will Italy deal with the issue?

As we had already told you, the "pioneer" Sweden - together with many other Western nations - has decided to put an abrupt stop to [...]

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Sweden slows down on minors' transitions
It is precisely the pioneering countries of hormonal treatment of girls with dysphoria (from the Great North to Australia) that are taking a decisive step backwards, indicating psychological therapy as the first approach, and drugs only in exceptional cases. The English health service is also asking to radically rethink the protocols. There is a lack of studies to be able to state that in the case of pharmacological "cures" the benefits outweigh the harm. But puberty blockers continue to be prescribed in Italy

Great Britain, Australia, Texas, Iowa and other US states, and now Sweden: the pioneer countries of the transition of minors,

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Sexual violence on New Year's Eve in Milan: it was wrong to remain silent about the origins of the attackers
Overlooking the fact that they were young North Africans prevents a clear reading of what happened. And it exercises the correctness of hospitality on the skin of women. The parallel with the events in Cologne in 2016 and the opinion of the German feminist Alice Schwartzer

A few days ago 5 girls on the train returning from Gardaland were sexually and verbally attacked by a gang

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Spain stops Ley Trans. Germany too
Great victory for Spanish feminism: the government is divided over the Ley Trans - which introduced gender self-certification - and the abstention of the PSOE blocks the process. A similar law was blocked in the Bundestag. After the stop to self-id in the UK, transactivists are still on the corner. A boomerang also for the Zan bill

Bad blow for the transhumanists: with 78 votes in favour, 143 against and 120 abstentions, the Ley Trans process in

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