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Child rapists: shocking report in the UK
In Great Britain 18 rapes a day are committed by minors on their peers: in 2022 these cases numbered 15,000, almost always by very young males. A British police report shows how free access to violent pornography online is normalizing criminal sexual behavior in England and across other Western countries

For years we have been reporting the psychological and material damage caused to an entire generation by free access to violent pornography online, consumed […]

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Warning your daughters is politics
The education of young men continues to be called for against sexual violence and rape. While teaching young women how to protect themselves and raising the alarm about early sexualisation and the risks associated with substance abuse is considered discriminatory and re-victimising. Every mother feels she has to do it but is blamed for it

If feminism is "starting from oneself" it is from me that I want to start, from what I felt after the horrible killing

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Sexual violence on New Year's Eve in Milan: it was wrong to remain silent about the origins of the attackers
Overlooking the fact that they were young North Africans prevents a clear reading of what happened. And it exercises the correctness of hospitality on the skin of women. The parallel with the events in Cologne in 2016 and the opinion of the German feminist Alice Schwartzer

A few days ago 5 girls on the train returning from Gardaland were sexually and verbally attacked by a gang

International news

Wonders of gender identity: the female rapist
Police Scotland say a rapist who describes himself as a female will be registered as a woman, even if he has a penis. Scottish feminists are addressing Parliament against this absurd abuse, which would fill the statistics of female rape. Nothing but fake news, as the supporters of the Zan bill say. The Times talks about it here

Where gender self-certification or self-id is in effect, women's spaces are violated by men who identify as

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