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UK: new guidelines for "trans children" at school
No to the "social" transition for primary school girls. Careful evaluation in the other grades to ensure that there is no "social" influence. Involvement of parents in every decision. Bathrooms divided by gender. And an end to the LGBTQAI+ propaganda which for years has almost exclusively managed affective and sexual education courses. Look at the turning point in the United Kingdom so as not to make the same mistakes

For years in the UK, sex education in schools has meant LGBTQAI+ propaganda managed by organizations such as Stonewall and Mermaids. The epidemic of […]

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British academics against cancel culture
On November 20th the London Universities Council for Academic Freedom will be presented, a body that brings together around a hundred professors from the major English universities with the aim of fighting against censorship and single-mindedness which in recent years have prevented discussion and academic freedom compromising the education of thousands of students. Above all, LGBTQ+ realities such as Stonewall are in the spotlight, which have heavily influenced university and higher education. It was time, and go on!

As reported by The Telegraph, over a hundred academics from top British universities have joined forces to

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UK: “Our children indoctrinated at school”. Parents of “trans” children sue government
“You have ruined our children”: families of minors who identify as “the opposite sex” sue the UK Department of Education for allowing trans-indoctrination in schools by Stonewall and other powerful LGBTQ organizations - la same propaganda that we wanted to introduce with the Zan- bill. And for not having been informed in time about the children's problems. The initiative could overwhelm the English government like an avalanche, which will take action by ordering an independent investigation and drawing up new guidelines

A group of parents of so-called "trans children" will sue the Department of Education for having routed

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UK. Black week for the glittery trans-patriarchy: Tavistock, gender clinic for children, closed. And Allison Bailey wins in court: she was discriminated against for her gender critical opinions
The ideology of gender identity under attack in the UK: the national health service orders the closure of the pediatric transitions clinic and points the way to psychological therapies. And Allison Bailey wins the employment tribunal case with the support of JK Rowling: the employer ordered to compensate her for having put her "under investigation" due to her gender critical opinions. At the suggestion of Stonewall, who comes out with his reputation in tatters


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New Forstater case in the UK: lawyer sues Stonewall for "inducing discrimination"
Allison Bailey was allegedly bullied and discriminated against by her law firm for expressing her opposition to self-certification of gender or self-id. Lesbian and founder of LGB Alliance, the woman denounced the study and also Stonewall. Who, she is convinced, actively worked for his "punishment"

Stonewall will face a court case for encouraging the law firm where Allison Bailey, a lesbian lawyer, works

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Stonewall backs down and “allows” the use of the word mother
After losing agreements with some large companies, including the Health Service and the BBC - and therefore a lot of money - the largest British LGBTQ+ organization moderately updates its guidelines for "inclusivity": it will no longer be required to use terms as "pregnant person" or "person who has given birth" instead of mother. Change of course = no-bankruptcy

Stonewall has abandoned legislation advising workplace equality organizations to remove the word

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The British government breaks with Stonewall
The Department of Health breaks the agreement with the large LGBTQ organisation, paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to exert its pressure, imposing the use of pronouns and free access for anyone to women's spaces on the basis of free gender identity. Great news for British women and for all of us

The British Department of Health has broken the agreement with Stonewall: it will no longer use its consultancy (handily paid: more

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The disappearance of women/2: this time from the English boards of directors
Thousands of large English companies will have to communicate the number of women on their boards of directors, also for the purpose of assessing differences in pay. Sheldon Mills, director of FCA, the regulatory body that oversees the survey, proposes that males who perceive themselves as women should also be included in the count, distorting the statistics. It's not difficult to understand why: Mills is also the director of Stonewall, a powerful LGBTQ organization that continues to dictate the law in the UK

For those who still have doubts about the fact that gender identity and gender neutral policies lead to erasure

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