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Petrillo: my body doesn't count, I want to use the women's showers. And he withdraws from the World Cup in Torun for "safety" reasons
Winning races is not enough: Petrillo also claims to use the women's changing rooms after the Italian Athletics Federation decided on reserved spaces at the request of the athletes. “The state recognizes me as a woman, male genitals don't count. And then" he scoffs "it certainly won't be the first time they've seen them". In the meantime he's giving up the next World Cup for "safety" reasons.

A few days ago we published an account of Valentina born Fabrizio Petrillo's race in Ancona, with the reactions of […]

Italian news

The male transathlete Petrillo's body snatcher continues to win everything. The opponents react
Valentina born Fabrizio on March 12th defeated her opponents again in Ancona. And he achieved 8 master's titles while before the transition - when he competed with men - he had not achieved even one. Now he is preparing for the World Cup. Here is a report of the races and the declarations of the athletes unjustly deprived of victory

Valentina born Fabrizio Petrillo, born in 1973, turns 50 this year and changes category in the national masters athletics competitions. The 11th

Italian news

Petrillo's stolen records: "But I also won as a man". It is true? Here are the fact-checks
While the Olympic Committee announces a change of direction in the guidelines on the participation of male bodies in women's sports, Valentina born Fabrizio Petrillo aspires to participate in the Paralympic Games in the women's category. To those who accuse her of wanting to win easily, she replies that she was winning even before the transition. But this is not the case: here is an analysis of Petrillo's times and how they are evaluated respectively in the men's and women's categories

After the international federations of swimming, cycling and other sports, the Olympic Committee also backtracks on the issue

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New records and Olympic ambitions: from Petrillo to Thomas, the "inclusive" sport that excludes women
The incredible injustice of male bodies in women's sports continues despite the silence of the mass media. But the voices of female athletes who are forced to compete with male opponents are growing

“Valentina” born Fabrizio: new Italian records and call up to the World Para Athletics Now the victories in the women's category of “Valentina”

International news

Boris Johnson: No to male bodies in women's sports
Following a letter to the International Cycling Union that defines the rules on the inclusion of transgender athletes as discriminatory, Boris Johnson declares that "trans women", i.e. men born biologically male, should not compete in women's sports and that women have the right to spaces dedicated only to them.

Women's sport "inclusive" of those born male is currently the subject of a heated debate in the English media, even in sight

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The trans-athlete Petrillo wins everything. And - obviously - think about politics
Fabrizio-Valentina Petrillo continues to rout her opponents. Last podium was the 200m master indoor championships in Ancona. He says that sport divided by sexes is violence. And he proclaims his motto-manifesto: «Everyone must have the opportunity to determine for themselves who they are». Starting with the genre

Between the Olympics and the Zan DDL, last year the sports newspapers dedicated a lot of space to "inclusive sport" and to Valentina born

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Too fast, too tall, too strong: An analysis of Petrillo's performance in the men's and then in the women's category #Olympics
A study by statistician Marco Alciator on the athlete's results before and after taking hormones and switching from the male to the female category based on his declared gender identity. Evidently, even with the lowered testosterone levels required to compete in the women's category, he is still unfairly advantaged. But the media rejoices at his easy victories.

When questions arise about the fairness of trans-identified male athletes competing with women, the usual response is that their performance

Italian news

Too fast, too loud, too strong. Analysis of Petrillo's performances in the men's category and then in the women's #Olympics
Study by the statistician Marco Alciator on the athlete's results before and after taking hormones and changing the category from male to female - even if he is still a man in the registry office. As you can see, even by lowering testosterone levels for women there is no competition. But the media cheers for his easy victories

When someone questions the propriety of male-born athletes competing against women, they usually reply that

International news

Why allow men to compete with women? Letter to the Olympic Committee
The Tokyo Olympics will be the first in which male athletes who say they "feel like women" will participate in the female categories, in accordance with the ideology of gender identity. Former track and field champion Linda Blade writes to the IOC and the Japanese people: you deserve honorable Olympic Games

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics – this is the official name despite the postponement – will be the first in which they will participate

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24 Italian athletes take legal action against male body snatchers in their sports
The athletes - including Cristina Sanulli and Denise Neumann, beaten by the trans Valentina Petrillo - claim to be deprived of fair competitions, in violation of the Equal Opportunities Code. And they write to Minister Bonetti and Undersecretary Vezzali. So far no response

As the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games approached in July, the media began showing footage of the competitions

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