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Women and the left: a toxic love
Betrayed, mistreated, humiliated. And finally supplanted by self-identified new women who are much more attractive and functional than the "old" women by birth. Yet many of us are unable to detach ourselves from the progressives who show in every way that they do not consider them. The same dynamics of a sick relationship

All loves are born and die, and when they end there is always someone who suffers the most, sometimes only one part, [...]


Feminism and the right
In response to Julie Bindel, who considers the wall erected by the trans-activist left but also the risks of an alliance with the right: in Italy the historical novelty - a right-wing woman prime minister, Giorgia Meloni - further complicates the picture. What to do then? What is happening in Spain with the horrible Ley Trans perhaps indicates a good path for all

Julie Bindel and Harvey Jeni take the bull by the horns: since they have not been with the left for too long

Italian news

Open field, closed lists
The tiger's eye does not want to see that you can reassemble and recombine the lineup as much as you want, but if the faces and names remain the same you are very uncredible. And if the only objective recognizable by most of the electorate is to block the way to the political opponent - for once a woman, which makes everything even more surreal - the chances of success are not many

Work in progress for the construction of the large rassemblement or open field (the large one has been abandoned). The discussion is

International news

Women attacked from the right and the left: the ashes on the heads of the New York Times
Organ of liberals and woke culture, for some months the great US newspaper has undertaken a vigorous change of direction, admitting its excesses and the misogyny of the new progressive trend committed to erasing women. While waiting for the self-critical wind to arrive in Europe too

by Pamela Paul Perhaps it makes sense that women – creatures with a compliant and pleasant appearance, altruistic and very nice –

International news

The US Congress promotes a Bill of Women's Rights inspired by feminist texts
Being able to call themselves women, not being reduced to "menstruators" or "holes in the front", having their own reserved spaces: American Republicans take on the resistance of feminism against woke progressivism and propose a law of historic importance. Women's associations, from WoLF to WDI, approve. But the issue of abortion remains to divide, with the Supreme Court ruling soon to arrive

While ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), the largest American civil rights association, is campaigning for


Right, left, human, transhuman
The theme of "rights" - from gender identity to the rented womb - is not complementary or lateral, but outlines the horizon towards which we are moving. But the post-human perspective pursued by progressives is not unique and ineluctable. The alternative exists: a civilization rooted in women

By re-presenting the Zan bill in the Senate with very little chance of it passing - when instead other solutions, such as the Scalfarotto bill, would have

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