sex-based rights

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Germany, stop to trans law
The Bundestag was preparing to approve a law - very similar to the Spanish Ley Trans - which would have introduced total gender self-determination or self-id with a simple administrative act. But the Council of Ministers blocked the proposal at the last minute: there was the risk that convicted criminals would exploit the law to escape punishment. Perhaps it also has something to do with the fact that the Ley Trans has not brought any good to the centre-left majority in Spain which risks defeat in the general elections on 23 July

After Spain, which a few months ago approved the horrible Ley Trans, an initiative that contributed to the Podemos debacle [...]

International news

Boris Johnson: No to male bodies in women's sports
Following a letter to the International Cycling Union that defines the rules on the inclusion of transgender athletes as discriminatory, Boris Johnson declares that "trans women", i.e. men born biologically male, should not compete in women's sports and that women have the right to spaces dedicated only to them.

Women's sport "inclusive" of those born male is currently the subject of a heated debate in the English media, even in sight

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