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Perhaps puberty should be blocked for EVERYONE: transhuman drift by the World Health Organization
With a real Christmas blitz, the WHO announces its intention to develop new gender-affirmative guidelines and sets up a panel made up of three-quarters of transactivists in favor of the medicalisation of children. Preferably everyone, even those who don't suffer from dysphoria. Because choosing what sex you are must become a universal right. An international petition calls for the initiative to be stopped

A few days before Christmas the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that it will develop new guidelines on the “health of trans people […]

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Germany is also considering a ban on hormones for girls with "gender dysphoria"
While we are preparing to approve one of the most permissive laws regarding the transition of minors, a Bundestag document puts the brakes on and calls for caution. Because there is insufficient scientific evidence that affirmative pharmacological therapy increases the well-being of adolescents and that its effects are reversible. We need a serious and in-depth debate that has so far been prevented by transaggressive activism and the pressure of LGBTQ+ lobbies on politics and the media

After years of resistance and battle of radical feminism around the world - as well as self-organized parents for

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UK: increasingly clear no to gender self-identification (self-id)
Justice agrees with the Sunak government: the Scottish law that wanted to introduce free choice of sex is not constitutional. Meanwhile, the Minister of Equal Opportunities Kemi Badenoch defines the pharmacological treatment of "gender non-conforming" girls as "conversion therapy". And he announces a law against self-id tourism

Rishi Sunak's central British government had imposed a constitutional veto on Scotland's gender identity law. The High

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UK, you can no longer say "woman" or "mother": the woke provisions of the General Medical Council
Unheard of violent decision by the British medical register: the word woman must be erased at every level. It cannot be mentioned even when talking about maternity, childbirth, breastfeeding, menopause. Even 999, the emergency number, can no longer ask what gender the person asking for help is. The woke know very well that the female body is the main obstacle to the transhuman project. And they want to erase it even in language

It keeps happening: women and mothers must also be erased from the vocabulary, at every level. They don't give up because

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Spain: prisoner pregnant with trans cellmate
The man - an intact male body and no hormone therapy - had requested and obtained to be moved to the women's prison in Alicante because he "self-perceived" himself as a woman (self-id). A cellmate's pregnancy is the result. And the new Ley Trans, in force from December 2022, will make these transfers easier and more frequent

In the Alicante Cumplimiento Penitentiary Center, known as Fontcalent prison, an inmate who identifies as a woman placed

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UK: Labor backtracks on gender self-determination
Even the Labor Party has understood that the fight for trans rights could cost it a large portion of the female electorate. And he changes course on self-id, ensuring that he will defend the right to reserved spaces for women, the first of the progressive parties to change course. And the Italian left? It will arrive last, as usual. But it will get there

While Italian progressives continue to hold firm on gender self-determination or self-id - Elly Schlein's programmatic point in the primaries

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Germany, stop to trans law
The Bundestag was preparing to approve a law - very similar to the Spanish Ley Trans - which would have introduced total gender self-determination or self-id with a simple administrative act. But the Council of Ministers blocked the proposal at the last minute: there was the risk that convicted criminals would exploit the law to escape punishment. Perhaps it also has something to do with the fact that the Ley Trans has not brought any good to the centre-left majority in Spain which risks defeat in the general elections on 23 July

After Spain, which a few months ago approved the horrible Ley Trans, an initiative that contributed to the Podemos debacle

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Spain: Ley Trans at the center of the electoral campaign
The popular Isabel Dìaz Ayuso, new president of the Madrid region, promises that a possible center-right government will change the highly contested Ley Trans approved by the Sanchez government which introduced the very free gender identity. In defense of the Constitution and above all the rights of women and children as well as freedom of opinion. Decisive issue in view of the political elections on July 23rd

Even in Spain, biopolitical issues have become issues of primary importance and are playing a decisive role in

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The British Prime Minister: “We will guarantee women their reserved spaces”
Vigorous change of wind in the UK after years of prevailing LGBTQ+ misogyny: against the invasion of bathrooms, women's changing rooms and shelters by men who self-identify as women, the English Prime Minister Rishi Sunak promises a reform of the Equality Act. As requested by a petition signed by over 100 thousand people will have to be based on biological sex and not on "gender identity". New guidelines also announced on sexual education and alias careers at school: decisive issues in view of the next elections

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said he will change the Equality Act 2010 to protect


Transgender: the victory of Puer Aeternus
Evolution of unisex which fought against gender stereotypes, the "gender" phenomenon among adolescents expresses the attempt to escape the biological debt-burden and the need to feel disengaged with respect to stepmother nature. But the transgender is not at all his own creator: if anything, he is under the thumb of an all-powerful "spirit" that enslaves the mind and psyche. And the gay movement that supports the childish simulation does not see that it is precisely the homosexual identity that ends up the worst

Transgender ideology goes beyond the transsexual claim of the construction of sex through the subtraction or addition of something starting from

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The Bundestag is preparing to vote on a proposal based on the model of the horrible Spanish law which allows free choice of gender even to minors with a simple self-declaration at the registry office (in addition to the possibility of changing their mind several times). Here too, a left-wing woman counterpart of Irene Montero is on the front line: the Green Minister for Women's Affairs Lisa Paus. But the opinion of the Federal Constitutional Court will be needed, which expresses many doubts about the cancellation of the "sex" category

What is a woman? The response that Justice Minister Buschmann (FDP, Liberal Democratic Party) and the minister for

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UK: “Our children indoctrinated at school”. Parents of “trans” children sue government
“You have ruined our children”: families of minors who identify as “the opposite sex” sue the UK Department of Education for allowing trans-indoctrination in schools by Stonewall and other powerful LGBTQ organizations - la same propaganda that we wanted to introduce with the Zan- bill. And for not having been informed in time about the children's problems. The initiative could overwhelm the English government like an avalanche, which will take action by ordering an independent investigation and drawing up new guidelines

A group of parents of so-called "trans children" will sue the Department of Education for having routed

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