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This story must end
War is not an invention of women. War reduces us to prey and makes us mute things. Positioning ourselves - here or there - does not give us peace. Peace is not the interval between one war and another. Peace is not helplessness but an active force that regulates relationships and resolves conflicts. We demand that rebellious children recognize their mother's authority and avoid the obligation of acts of domination and oppression

“War has always been the specific activity of the male and his model of virile behavior.” Carla Lonzi, Manifesto […]

International news

Manifesto of Russian feminists against the war
As Russian citizens and feminists, we condemn this war. Feminism as a political force cannot be on the side of a war of aggression and military occupation. The feminist movement in Russia fights for the weakest subjects and for the development of a just society with equal opportunities and prospects, in which there can be no room for violence and military conflicts

On February 24, at approximately 5:30 am Moscow time, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced an “operation

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