Roe v. Wade

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New England Journal of Medicine: Abortion ban is a health catastrophe
The prestigious magazine raises the alarm: it will be mainly poor and black women who will pay the price of the Supreme Court's ruling, forced to have clandestine abortions with serious risks to their health. Even the morning-after pill and even the spiral could be banned and prosecuted as abortifacients

The United States Supreme Court's decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization represents an extraordinary reversal (…) Yet it does not […]

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How they won the war on Roe
Not having transformed Roe v. Wade in law was the capital mistake of the American left, starting with Barack Obama. Abortion was a completely secondary issue for liberals absorbed in trans-politics, who spent the years erasing the word "woman" by renaming it "menstruator" and "uterus-bearer", rather than dealing with women's rights

How did pro-life Americans win the war against Roe v. Wade? In the article referred to there

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Abortion in the USA: something doesn't add up
A "little hand" brings out a Supreme Court ruling well in advance that would make the termination of pregnancy illegal. To whose benefit, and why? With what consequences on the midterm elections, in which Biden was expected to lose? And what does gender critical feminism, which some liberal observers want to blame, have to do with all this?

A real political bomb thrown a few months before the midterm elections is the draft ruling of the American Supreme Court,

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