From Gaza to Western delivery rooms, Judith Butler sees fascists everywhere
Fascists, obviously, we gender critical feminists too, "allies of the right and the Vatican". The Californian intellectual, renouncing all philosophical subtlety, compiles a political agenda that coincides with the platform of the university students in struggle. And he hopes for an alliance between trans, antifa, the pro-Pal movement, the homeless, black people, migrants and even women - understood as one of the many minorities - to build "a radical democracy inspired by the ideals of socialism". An account of the Bolognese stage of his triumphal European tour

Perhaps today we could talk about "Agenda Butler": its platform coincides perfectly with the platform of the struggle of the students [...]

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In the rules against violence against women, we talk about sex and not "gender identity": open letter to the European Parliament
Violence against women will not be combated if the texts of laws and treaties do not clearly refer to sex and not to "gender". We join feminist and gender critical groups in an appeal to European parliamentarians who will express their opinion on the Commission's anti-violence proposal: write clearly in the text that women and girls are the female sex and do not leave any opening to gender ideology

We also signed the letter to the European Commission on combating violence against women and domestic abuse

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University of Barcelona: feminist professor boycotted by queer students
Another Stock case, this time in the Catalan university. Feminist teacher and writer Juana Gallego was targeted due to her gender criticism. Cases are multiplying in all Western academies, but the authorities are watching. The initiative to support the teacher launched by Spanish feminism

Juana Gallego, writer and professor at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona -Master of Gender and Communication- is under attack by the

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Adele is also a Terf: you can't call yourself a woman
The BRIT Awards, the most prestigious music award in the UK, abolishes the male and female categories in the name of gender neutrality. But Adele, this year's winner, says she is proud to be a woman. For this reason she is accused of transphobia and overwhelmed by hatred

As already happened last year in the Italian edition of X Factor, also the BRIT Awards 2022 - the most prestigious music award

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Kathleen Stock resigned: “The witch is dead”
This is how the students of the University of Sussex who had threatened the teacher and asked for her dismissal are celebrating her resignation. The decision was made after "an absolutely horrible time for me and my family". University's support lukewarm, while other academics attack it: its defense of sex against gender reinforces 'patriarchal status quo'

Kathleen Stock, the philosophy professor at the center of a controversy for her views on gender identification and

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An anti-censorship service to protect teachers gagged by queers in universities
Trans-activist censorship is rapidly spreading in Italian universities, preventing the free circulation of thought. We would need a law for free speech on the model of the British Higher Education Bill. And from now on, the possibility of reporting intimidation in safety should be guaranteed, without incurring reprisals and dismissals.

In the English and American academic world the deplatforming (gag) imposed on teachers critical of free gender identity (self-id) is

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Don't say woman: The Economist against Newspeak
Referring to The Lancet, flooded with protests for having used the expression "bodies with vaginas" instead of women, the British weekly attacks linguistic innovations to the detriment of women, defined as "dehumanizing". White fly among the big Western media that continue to censor every critical voice of the transactivist diktat. Out of opportunism, or out of fear

“Bodies with vaginas” is a strange way to refer to half the human race. Yet it was the expression that The

International news

CBS news under queer attack for a program on detransitioners
An episode on detransitioners on 60 Minutes, a historic program on the American CBS News channel, was the subject of warnings and threats from transactivists already in the preparation phase. The diktat is always the same: keep quiet. Only glitter propaganda allowed

The strategy of queer activism always commands silence. If politicians are discussing a bill to introduce self-determination

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