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Prostitution "clients" know very well that they are committing violence
Research on sex buyers shows that men are perfectly aware of the fact that prostitution is violence, that criminal organizations keep women in terror and that there is no "regulation" that matters. But they only stop if they risk a criminal conviction, as happens in Sweden, Norway, Canada, France, Ireland, Israel and other countries that have introduced the abolitionist model. Otherwise they continue to consider paid rape as their right

by Julie Bindel Germany is known as the brothel of Europe. It's a hard-won title. With more than 3,000 brothels […]

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Sargentini case: Saviano's deafening silence
The feminist journalist Monica Ricci Sargentini threatened with sanction - three days of suspension - by Corriere della Sera for having shared the spirit of a protest initiative against an article published in Annex Seven in which the Neapolitan writer spoke of regularizing "sex work " as ordinary work. It would be important to know his point of view as a defender of freedom of opinion on the matter. But at the moment no signal

We know Roberto Saviano as a defender of freedom of opinion and of the press. This is how he always presented himself. Not only

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Saviano's sister
What would the writer, who asks to scrap the old Merlin law to "regularize" "sex work", think if the prostitute was a woman dear to him? Don't you know that prostitution is almost exclusively trafficking and regularization is a godsend for pimps and mafiosi? Don't you know the abolitionist model, already in force in many civilized countries? Doesn't he know that what he calls "work" is enormous female suffering? Why does it give men the right to rape for money? Why doesn't he study and listen to women before speaking? Where does he get so much misogyny from?

Once I was in a recording studio for a debate on prostitution. Of course it was called -not me- sex

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8 March 2022 – 8 March 2023: agenda for a year of feminism
Maternity, work, uterus for rent, gender identity, transition of minors, women's health, male violence, prostitution, politics and elections, women in the South, ecological transition: these are the themes we will be working on in the coming months, described in a meeting that you can see here. To take part in the work, write to

Maternity, work, womb for rent, gender identity, transition of minors, women's health, male violence, prostitution, politics and elections,

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Selling sex is dangerous. And pretending it's a job like any other increases the risk
Prostitution causes suffering, mental distress, drug addiction and disease. And "regulation" only fuels exploitation and trafficking. Two strong arguments against the normalization of the so-called "sex work", supported by a misogynist and rightsist left and by liberal feminism

Saturday 27th at the demonstration in Milan against violence against women - see opening image - we said among many things


8 May – III March for the abolition of prostitution, pornography, reproductive exploitation of women and sexual roles
The third edition of the March organized by Mujeres por la Abolición together with around a hundred Spanish feminist groups and 12 nationalities will be held today - in virtual form. From 4pm live on Instagram by @radfem_italia

More than 90 feminist organizations from Spain and 12 countries have co-organized the III Abolitionist March which will take place this

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