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Child rapists: shocking report in the UK
In Great Britain 18 rapes a day are committed by minors on their peers: in 2022 these cases numbered 15,000, almost always by very young males. A British police report shows how free access to violent pornography online is normalizing criminal sexual behavior in England and across other Western countries

For years we have been reporting the psychological and material damage caused to an entire generation by free access to violent pornography online, consumed […]

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Online porn: protect children. After the UK, France and Spain are also moving
Free access to violent content proposed by the porn lobby is one of the most serious problems for the very young generations, profoundly disturbed in the development of their sexuality. And it is accompanied by psychological disorders and a dramatic increase in sexual abuse. But the sites resist any attempt to impose age verification. It's time to talk about it in Italy too

We have already told you about the English government's measures to protect girls and boys from online pornography, which include fines

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UK: stop online pornography for girls and boys
The British government will force users of pornographic sites to prove their age by credit card or other identity document in order to gain access. The aim is to prevent girls and teenagers from viewing increasingly violent and sexually deviant content. Billie Eilish's courageous denunciation sets an example

The British government plans to force users of online pornographic sites to prove their age by credit card

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Young men are increasingly aware of the damage of pornography: addiction, erectile dysfunction, difficulties in real relationships. After the surge in consumption during the Lockdown, there is a boom in quitting services in the UK: from psychotherapy to apps that block sexual content. But addiction starts at a very young age

Men who say enough to porn: apps and psychotherapies are created to help them Young men increasingly aware of the damage of


The harm that pornography causes
Paper Unicef downplays the negative effects of pornography on minors. But many studies demonstrate the harmful impact of porn on the person and their relational and sexual life. Not to mention the horrible condition of porn actresses

What impact can pornography have on viewers? Is it really simple entertainment and fantasies to facilitate and "enrich" masturbation, as it is defined by a growing number of men, women and teenagers?


8 May – III March for the abolition of prostitution, pornography, reproductive exploitation of women and sexual roles
The third edition of the March organized by Mujeres por la Abolición together with around a hundred Spanish feminist groups and 12 nationalities will be held today - in virtual form. From 4pm live on Instagram by @radfem_italia

More than 90 feminist organizations from Spain and 12 countries have co-organized the III Abolitionist March which will take place this

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