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The new PD proposal on children born from rented wombs is wrong: here's why
The idea is a "rewarding" subsidized path - only 4 months - for the adoption of children born from gestation for others: a quasi-automatism which instead of counteracting it would encourage the use of the practice. Furthermore, a difference is made between this type of adopters - Gpa customers - and all the others for whom the timing would not change. But the Constitution wants us to be equal before the law

The PD has submitted to the Senate - the first signatory is the cattodem Alfredo Bazoli, deputy vice-president of the PD group - a proposal [...]

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Because “asking” Schlein is a mistake
The open letter from "one hundred feminists" to the secretary of the PD is based on false hopes: Elly Schlein will not change her positions on the rented womb. Nor on the other themes of the transhuman umbrella that the letter does not mention - starting with free gender identity - and which structure her Zan-transfeminist political identity. Is it worth adopting a begging posture?

We hope that the "hundred feminists" who wrote to Elly Schlein - and with a good part of whom we are in constant

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PD primaries: transfeminist Elly Schlein wins
The young leader launches her takeover bid and wins. Making the Democratic Party a woke formation, in line with Western progressivism: rightsism, free gender identity, womb for rent, sex work. A challenge that is reminiscent of what is happening in Spain where radical feminism has divorced itself from the left

To begin with, congratulations to Elly Schlein and best wishes for her new role. Then the facts, as they are

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Milan introduces gender self-certification
A "solemn" declaration will be enough to be able to choose what sex you are - female, male or neither - without medical documents, assessments or sentences, and adopt the "alias" identity in various municipal services, including electoral lists. In fact, self-id is a huge change introduced with a simple administrative act and without any public debate. But it is all to be assessed whether the law allows it

So self-id was introduced in Milan: it means being able to decide whether you are male, female - or neither.

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Once out the door, gender identity already enters through the window
Gender identity returns to the Senate, included in a Pd-IV amendment to the Infrastructure bill. Rejected with the Zan bill, the concept reappears in other laws, statutes and regulations. A real encirclement that is a prelude to new imminent attempts to introduce self-certification or self-id. *Breaking news: the Infrastructure bill would already be law, approved just this morning

The Zan bill stumbled above all - but not only - on gender identity, the first step towards the free self-certification of

International news

In Italy the Democratic Party supports gender identity. In Spain the PSOE fights it
Two "brother" parties divided on such a sensitive issue: for the Spanish socialists, gender identity erases women. Yet with homosexual marriage, Spain is ahead of Italy in terms of LGBT rights. Recommended reading for PD leaders. Especially to the women of that party


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