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Saman: “their culture” as a mitigating factor
The girl's marriage was "arranged and not forced" and in the judgment "the culture of the offender must also be taken into account": the reasons for the sentence (signed by female judges) for the brutal murder of the young Pakistani girl are disconcerting. As well as the self-sexism of the mother who would be the material executor of the crime. At this rate, according to Unicef projections, girls will continue to be sold to men for at least the next 300 years

In the photo, a poster with Saman's face composed of photos of many women victims of male violence. The […]

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Radical Feminism for the 21st Century: An Anthology
Edited by Elizabeth Miller, the essay “Spinning and Weaving: Radical Feminism for the 21st century” collects contributions from women from all over the world. And it outlines means and objectives for the definitive liberation from patriarchal oppression

“Spinning” and “weaving”: the time of the Covid crisis, by slowing down the pace of everyday life, has offered us this precious opportunity, opening


We women, the "Privileged"
Transactivism defines being born a woman as a "privilege" that must be open even to those who have not had this unspeakable fortune. E' the old envious story as always, or patriarchy. But talking about privilege is a step forward in clarity. If the world needs women more and more, then the real women will be "them"

There's something good here. In recent years we have been resisting the invasion of being a woman by men. In reality he is alone

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