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Pregnant men and other wonders
The health of "Marco", a FtM trans woman who is five months pregnant and pumped full of testosterone, and that of her baby are the least of the problems. What matters for the liberal press that talks about the "anthropological revolution" is whether "Marco" should be called mother or father. But only a woman can give birth even if her name is male in the registry office. Nothing has changed in this since the dawn of time. Meanwhile, the trans front is losing ground: in one year the number of members of WPATH, the largest organization for transgender health, has fallen by 60 percent

La Repubblica online headlines with a triple somersault on the "young man who got pregnant": you don't even dare to be pregnant in the transphilic group [...]


Lesbian motherhood: an open letter to Kathleen Stock
The gender critical philosopher says she is worried about the rights of lesbian mothers denied "by the Meloni government". But it was the judiciary and not the government that decided that only biological mothers can appear in birth certificates. For the law to recognize sexual difference in procreation, homosexual women need to break the front with rich gay males who resort to rented wombs: homoparenting is just ideology

We have followed with attention and sisterly the story of Kathleen Stock, gender critical philosopher, author among other things of Material Girls:

Italian news

Boldrini is wrong
In the name of two-parenthood and ideological equality, the PD parliamentarian proposes a modification of the art. 37 of the Constitution which speaks of the relationship between mother and child as deserving of "special protection". It would be a great "constitutional" gift to the separated fathers' lobby supported in particular by the League. And it would increase the risks for mothers and children

Laura Boldrini announces her intention to immediately deposit in Parliament a series of proposals that she calls the "rights package". Between

Italian news

3 months paternity leave: but mothers and fathers are not equal
The "Family Act" measure announced by the Minister for Equal Opportunities Bonetti at the Women's Forum G20 Italy. But if greater male participation is desirable, the equal logic that inspires sharing moves once again in the direction of neutrality, denying female difference and promoting ineffective actions.

During the opening of the "Women's Forum G20 Italy" in Milan, the Minister for Equal Opportunities Elena Bonetti announced

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