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UK: stop psychological "treatments" for homosexuals. Which however remain valid for gender dysphoria
A new law is preparing to ban "reparative" therapies for gays and lesbians. However, there is no stop to treatment for those who suffer due to gender identity: here the psychological approach remains the first choice. Assimilating the two conditions is a serious mistake, which responds to ideology and not to the real needs of the people involved

Great Britain, like Canada, France and New Zealand recently, is also preparing to pass a law that prohibits […]

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Lesbians against the transition of girls and boys
Lesbians United is born in the USA to raise the alarm about the serious risks of the early medicalisation of minors with "gender dysphoria". Which, they say, "is a scam". In the hope that the American gay and lesbian movement, highly critical of the trans-industry, will finally break its silence and find a listening ear

Lesbians United, a US lesbian organization, has launched a public information campaign entitled "Understanding the transition of minors" through

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Detransition: first scientific study
Conducted by psychiatrist Lisa Littman who interviewed 100 detransitioners, the research highlights the complexity of these experiences. Doubts about the usefulness and effectiveness of pharmacological and surgical "therapies" are increasingly well founded. Let's see why

After a thorough scientific evaluation lasting one year, the results of the first systematic research on detransitioners have been published. I study

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