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Turning point at the New York Times: strong doubts about hormones for children with gender dysphoria
The main woke newspaper in the world has always supported transactivist demands without hesitation, starting with the indecent treatment reserved for JK Rowling. Today the newspaper changes direction and in a very long article criticizes "affirmative therapy" (puberty blockers, hormones and surgery) for trans minors, giving voice to some detransitioners who have hitherto been censored and ostracized. Because now even many Democratic voters have strong doubts. And there is the risk of losing many readers: “get woke, go broke”

For years the New York Times has been the main woke newspaper in the world and has always supported without hesitation […]

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Women attacked from the right and the left: the ashes on the heads of the New York Times
Organ of liberals and woke culture, for some months the great US newspaper has undertaken a vigorous change of direction, admitting its excesses and the misogyny of the new progressive trend committed to erasing women. While waiting for the self-critical wind to arrive in Europe too

by Pamela Paul Perhaps it makes sense that women – creatures with a compliant and pleasant appearance, altruistic and very nice –

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New York Times proposal: make JK Rowling disappear
A very violent subscription campaign by the US newspaper invites us to imagine Harry Potter without his creator: the height of cancel culture. Misogynistic and aggressive gesture that could inspire real ones. But the initiative turns out to be a boomerang and many subscribers threaten to cancel

According to the New York Times JK Rowling must disappear. A violent subscription campaign on electronic billboards invites readers to

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