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UK: “Our children indoctrinated at school”. Parents of “trans” children sue government
“You have ruined our children”: families of minors who identify as “the opposite sex” sue the UK Department of Education for allowing trans-indoctrination in schools by Stonewall and other powerful LGBTQ organizations - la same propaganda that we wanted to introduce with the Zan- bill. And for not having been informed in time about the children's problems. The initiative could overwhelm the English government like an avalanche, which will take action by ordering an independent investigation and drawing up new guidelines

A group of parents of so-called "trans children" will sue the Department of Education for having routed [...]

International news

UK: the Sirens no longer wallow
Mermaids, a British "charity" organization that deals with the transition of minors, is under investigation with the aim of ascertaining the criteria of its activity which, according to its detractors, encourages girls and boys on the path to "free gender identity". Meanwhile, President Susie Green has suddenly resigned and many organizations and government bodies, starting from the Department of Education, have stopped collaboration with the body and suspended public funding

A few weeks ago Susie Green, leader of Mermaids, a British "charity" association that deals with the transition of minors, spoke


Girls who remove their breasts
Transactivist propaganda invites girls who are uncomfortable with their female forms to compress their breasts with special bands (binders), the first step towards the final mastectomy. The same misogynistic violence as traditional "breast ironing" practiced in Africa. In the UK, the Mermaids charity - publicly funded - is accused of sending slings to teenagers against their parents' advice

Breast ironing is a horrible practice still in use in some regions of Africa, particularly Cameroon.

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