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British academics against cancel culture
On November 20th the London Universities Council for Academic Freedom will be presented, a body that brings together around a hundred professors from the major English universities with the aim of fighting against censorship and single-mindedness which in recent years have prevented discussion and academic freedom compromising the education of thousands of students. Above all, LGBTQ+ realities such as Stonewall are in the spotlight, which have heavily influenced university and higher education. It was time, and go on!

As reported by The Telegraph, over a hundred academics from the best British universities have joined forces to […]

International news

Maya Forstater, fired for saying that sex cannot be changed, wins in court: it was discrimination
The victory of Maya, a researcher who lost her job for a tweet in which she wrote that biological sex is immutable and that women have rights based on sex, was decisive for gender critical feminism around the world. Great Britain reaffirms the right to criticize gender identity: threats and accusations of transphobia are illegitimate. "Further evidence" says Forstater "that the tide is changing." The final ruling from the labor court also sentenced the company that did not renew the contract of the researcher, co-founder of Sex Matters, to pay compensation. A triumph across the board

One year ago, June 2021, Feminist Post published an article on the case of Maya Forstater, the British researcher

Italian news

Sargentini case: Saviano's deafening silence
The feminist journalist Monica Ricci Sargentini threatened with sanction - three days of suspension - by Corriere della Sera for having shared the spirit of a protest initiative against an article published in Annex Seven in which the Neapolitan writer spoke of regularizing "sex work " as ordinary work. It would be important to know his point of view as a defender of freedom of opinion on the matter. But at the moment no signal

We know Roberto Saviano as a defender of freedom of opinion and of the press. This is how he always presented himself. Not only

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