Why Italy has not signed the EU declaration on LGBTIQ rights (it has signed another one though)
The declaration against homolesbobitransphobia signed in Europe by all member states was passed over in silence. There was great media outcry instead over a second declaration not signed by Italy because it was strongly unbalanced on gender identity on the model of the fu-dl Zan: here are all the critical points

A few days ago on the occasion of the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) in Europe […]


Vagina? No. It's called an "extra hole"
Woke language claims to be inclusive at the exclusive expense of women, who must literally disappear: pregnancy, breastfeeding, female sexual organs can no longer be mentioned so as not to offend trans and non-binary ultra-minorities. It is the latest ridiculous move of the dying patriarchy which since its origins has been built on the marginalization and erasure of the feminine. He tries again, but he won't succeed

The transactivists are ridiculous: so as not to "offend" the ultra-small minority of women who declare themselves male while retaining the female genital organ


On the risks of the ROPA method
The technique used by a growing number of lesbian couples consists in using the oocyte of one to create an embryo which will then be inserted into the womb of the other which will lead to the pregnancy. A dangerous practice physically and psychologically both for the two women and for the child who will be born. Here because

In our recent statement For the True Good of Children we expressed our concern about the growing use of

International news

In the rules against violence against women, we talk about sex and not "gender identity": open letter to the European Parliament
Violence against women will not be combated if the texts of laws and treaties do not clearly refer to sex and not to "gender". We join feminist and gender critical groups in an appeal to European parliamentarians who will express their opinion on the Commission's anti-violence proposal: write clearly in the text that women and girls are the female sex and do not leave any opening to gender ideology

We also signed the letter to the European Commission on combating violence against women and domestic abuse


Feminism and the right
In response to Julie Bindel, who considers the wall erected by the trans-activist left but also the risks of an alliance with the right: in Italy the historical novelty - a right-wing woman prime minister, Giorgia Meloni - further complicates the picture. What to do then? What is happening in Spain with the horrible Ley Trans perhaps indicates a good path for all

Julie Bindel and Harvey Jeni take the bull by the horns: since they have not been with the left for too long


Making tons of money with “gender identity”
The techno-medical business as a whole has a turnover of 10 trillion dollars a year. To grow it must conquer new markets. The ideology that promotes the free choice of sex opens up an immense territory. Jennifer Bilek explains definitively and in detail how - and by whom - the LGB agenda was put at the service of the gender industry

One of the most brilliant tactics used by the gender industry in its fight to dismantle human sexual dimorphism for the


Unicorns and other "fabulous" creatures: how to make little girls hate their female bodies
Winged horses, rainbows, the pink-blue of trans flags: the same symbols shared by the LGBT world and childhood. Especially by young girls, led to believe that freedom means becoming like those imaginary and neutral creatures, escaping a female "destiny" represented as suffering and the impossibility of choice

For a long time we have seen symbols and images spreading among girls and boys that unequivocally refer to the common symbolism

International news

Stonewall backs down and “allows” the use of the word mother
After losing agreements with some large companies, including the Health Service and the BBC - and therefore a lot of money - the largest British LGBTQ+ organization moderately updates its guidelines for "inclusivity": it will no longer be required to use terms as "pregnant person" or "person who has given birth" instead of mother. Change of course = no-bankruptcy

Stonewall has abandoned legislation advising workplace equality organizations to remove the word

International news

In Italy the Democratic Party supports gender identity. In Spain the PSOE fights it
Two "brother" parties divided on such a sensitive issue: for the Spanish socialists, gender identity erases women. Yet with homosexual marriage, Spain is ahead of Italy in terms of LGBT rights. Recommended reading for PD leaders. Especially to the women of that party


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