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Spain: prisoner pregnant with trans cellmate
The man - an intact male body and no hormone therapy - had requested and obtained to be moved to the women's prison in Alicante because he "self-perceived" himself as a woman (self-id). A cellmate's pregnancy is the result. And the new Ley Trans, in force from December 2022, will make these transfers easier and more frequent

In the Alicante Cumplimiento Penitentiary Center, known as Fontcalent prison, an inmate who identifies as a woman placed […]

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Spain: Ley Trans at the center of the electoral campaign
The popular Isabel Dìaz Ayuso, new president of the Madrid region, promises that a possible center-right government will change the highly contested Ley Trans approved by the Sanchez government which introduced the very free gender identity. In defense of the Constitution and above all the rights of women and children as well as freedom of opinion. Decisive issue in view of the political elections on July 23rd

Even in Spain, biopolitical issues have become issues of primary importance and are playing a decisive role in

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Spain: woke sex also among the reasons for the end of Podemos
Ley Trans. “Only yes is yes” law which reduced sentences for sex criminals. And now also a Manifesto for sexual education for all * which puts the safety of girls and boys at risk. The spirit is always the same: a queer sexuality promoted by the outgoing minister Irene Montero. Which, however, apparently voters and voters don't like. An analysis by the teacher Juana Gallego, a feminist affected by cancel culture

In yesterday's local elections in Spain the left disastrously lost - as in Italy, after all. In particular yes

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The Bundestag is preparing to vote on a proposal based on the model of the horrible Spanish law which allows free choice of gender even to minors with a simple self-declaration at the registry office (in addition to the possibility of changing their mind several times). Here too, a left-wing woman counterpart of Irene Montero is on the front line: the Green Minister for Women's Affairs Lisa Paus. But the opinion of the Federal Constitutional Court will be needed, which expresses many doubts about the cancellation of the "sex" category

What is a woman? The response that Justice Minister Buschmann (FDP, Liberal Democratic Party) and the minister for

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The global abolition of sex
The law just passed in Scotland that replaces sex with free choice of gender. The one currently being approved in Spain. And Germany's project. In her article in Newsweek Kara Dansky also warns the United States about self-id. But signals are coming from Great Britain, Sweden and Finland that clearly go against the trend: the game is still to be played

December 22nd was a black day for gender critical feminism: despite the lively protests outside Parliament

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Unlike their Italian counterparts from the PD and the left who stand for free gender identity, the Spanish progressives break with the trans-activist policies of the PSOE in defense of women and children. Their manifesto contains excellent arguments against what, if approved, could be the worst transactivist law in the world

Breaking with her party, the PSOE, and sending a signal to European left-wing women, generally on the defensive

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Trans-Europe: Ireland, UK, Spain, gender laws at the top of political agendas
While the new British Prime Minister Liz Truss works to block gender self-certification in Scotland, the Iberian government prevents the parliamentary debate on the Ley Trans, which allows sex change even for 12-year-old children, in order to rush to approve it : this is why Spanish feminists break with the left and open dialogue with the Popular Party. Meanwhile in Ireland a professor is arrested for refusing to use fluent language

An Irish Christian school teacher, Enoch Burke, was suspended and then arrested for refusing to appeal

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Ley Zan project: calling things by name
The true name of Zan's law project, blocked for one day in the Senate, must be called "Ley's project on gender self-certification" and not against homotransphobia. That was the real objective, self-identification, and that's why the law got tired. Sacrificing the legitimate protection of homosexual and transgender people to the arrogance of queer transactivism.

A short commentary, tras archivivar ley Zan's project on homobi-transphobia, intended mainly for her husbands and friends

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Spain: PSOE feminists sow obstacles in the path of the Ley Trans
After the recent about-face of the Spanish socialists, who had sided in favor of the Ley Trans, the party's feminists reopen the debate, proposing amendments against gender identity for the next Federal Congress. Which meet with the consensus of the base, while the management is currently silent

The feminist collective of the PSOE presented at the 40th Federal Congress of the party amendments to some points of the program which

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