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Laura Massaro won for everyone
The most famous of the mothers under attack on the basis of the fake "theory" of parental alienation has won her battle in the Supreme Court, for herself and for all women in her situation: from now on, girls and boys will no longer be able to be taken by force and it will no longer be so easy to talk about alienating mothers. A symbolic victory too, which brings mothers back to the center against all equal rhetoric

With Ordinance no. 9691/2022 the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Laura Massaro and banned parental alienation from the courts, defining […]

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Away with misandry from the Zan bill: a cleaver for mothers and children, a gift for abusive fathers
Antonella Penati, mother of Federico killed by his father during a "protected" meeting, speaks. The court and also the ECtHR do not hold the social workers who were supposed to protect the child responsible for failure to protect. And now, after the Pas, the danger of "misandry" is being announced against women and children

Forcibly tearing terrified girls and boys from their homes, taking them away from their mothers. Pisa, 15 June: forced removal

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