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USA, clash between Democrats and Republicans over trans in women's sports
In America the issue of male bodies in women's sports categories has enormous political relevance. The House, on a Republican proposal, has approved a law that prohibits males from competing with women, but President Biden announces that he will veto it if the law also passes the Senate. Meanwhile, twenty states are already moving in this direction and the vast majority of public opinion - including Democratic voters divided on the issue - is in favor of competitions based on biological sex

The bill HR 734, known as the Protection of […]

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Biden: yes to hormones for girls and boys
Unlike Sweden, Finland, the UK and Australia, pioneering countries which, given the damage caused by drugs to minors with gender dysphoria, return to the priority of psychological therapy, the USA is pushing for immediate pharmacologisation. And they call it "children's rights", saying that any other approach is "discriminatory"

The United States Department of Justice has released a document in which it supports the "affirmative" approach to the transition of minors, which includes

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No to the mandatory transition of minors: thousands of US pediatricians are suing the Biden administration
The number of doctors who oppose the medical transition of girls is growing. Two associations of American pediatricians contest the Biden decree that replaces sex with gender identity, and ask not to be forced to prescribe experimental and harmful procedures against their medical, ethical or religious judgment

A group of more than 3,000 pediatricians is suing the Biden administration over its reinterpretation of the Affordable Care Act that

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The Biden administration erases women and girls
Without any public debate and against the opinion of the majority of Americans, President Joe Biden is proceeding forcefully to replace the word "sex" with "gender identity" in all administrative acts and documents, with serious impact on the lives of women and girls. All over the world liberals and progressives pursue this same goal in the service of the trans-lobby

Is happening. It's as bad as it sounds and no one should have any doubts. Everything Janice Raymond predicted in 1979

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