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No, the veil is not "feminist"
Not all choices, however apparently free, can be defined as feminism. The modesty of Islamic clothing is a surrender to the idea of the impurity of women and the ungovernability of male sexuality. And it's not clear why a left-wing weekly like l'Espresso promotes modest fashion ***

The latest issue of L'Espresso, in the “Belle storie” series, publishes a text by Francesca Barra entitled: “Wearing the veil is a […]

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Saman: “their culture” as a mitigating factor
The girl's marriage was "arranged and not forced" and in the judgment "the culture of the offender must also be taken into account": the reasons for the sentence (signed by female judges) for the brutal murder of the young Pakistani girl are disconcerting. As well as the self-sexism of the mother who would be the material executor of the crime. At this rate, according to Unicef projections, girls will continue to be sold to men for at least the next 300 years

In the photo, a poster with Saman's face composed of photos of many women victims of male violence. There

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