male pregnancy


Being born to a dead “surrogate mother”.
Professor at the University of Oslo proposes using the bodies of women in irreversible comas, which can be damaged without ethical complications, to carry out pregnancies on behalf of third parties. But also men in a vegetative state (so feminists don't get angry) grafting embryos into the liver. And the children? Topic not considered

Habla con ella, a film by Pedro Almodovar in which the young dancer Alicia, in a coma for […]

International news

UK: health service backtracks on "transgender maternity" services after midwives' revolt
Fighting is useful: in Great Britain midwives and nurses are rebelling against the announced opening of courses and departments dedicated to pregnancy and childbirth of "trans and non-binary" people. And the NHS stops the initiative. Meanwhile in the USA there is talk of uterus transplant between living people: women donors for the benefit of men who wish to live "feminine physiological experiences". The old patriarchal dream of all time: taking the place of women. Today acted by the neopatriarchs T

Fighting is useful. The revolt of midwives and nurses foiled the plan of the English National Health Service (NHS) to organize

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