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Born to a rented mother
Olivia Maurel, 32, was born to a surrogate mother and today fights on the front line against the practice which she defines as "atrocious" and "monstrous". He always knew something was wrong in his family. He suffers from depression, has had alcoholism problems and has attempted suicide several times. Only recently did he discover the truth about his origins and that he had suffered the trauma of abandonment. “What happened to me should happen to no child again,” he says.

Commercial or "altruistic" the surrogate must be abolished. These are the words of Olivia Maurel, born in December 1991 in Kentucky from […]

International news

November 13th in The Hague against the rented womb
The Conference of Private International Law is pushing for the transnational recognition of gestation contracts for others with the aim of overriding national legislation to the advantage of biomarket profits. The Icams coalition against the GPA organized a demonstration in defense of the dignity of women and against the market of girls and boys

The International Coalition to Abolish Surrogacy (ICASM) has organized an international demonstration in front of the

Italian news

The new PD proposal on children born from rented wombs is wrong: here's why
The idea is a "rewarding" subsidized path - only 4 months - for the adoption of children born from gestation for others: a quasi-automatism which instead of counteracting it would encourage the use of the practice. Furthermore, a difference is made between this type of adopters - Gpa customers - and all the others for whom the timing would not change. But the Constitution wants us to be equal before the law

The PD has submitted to the Senate - the first signatory is the cattodem Alfredo Bazoli, deputy vice-president of the PD group - a proposal to


The “right” to have a slave: Hagar and the rented womb
For days the supporters of the Gpa have been relaunching the "news" with joy: even God allows a woman to have a child for others as demonstrated by the biblical narrative of Sarah - Abraham's wife incapable of conceiving - and her servant Hagar who lent her womb. Therefore, even today temporary slaves are claimed to be available: a real ethical and political short circuit. And an own goal. Also because the story of Genesis should be read in its entirety

For days on social media, supporters of the rented womb, in particular many LGBTQ+ activists and their supporters, have been relaunching the story


On the risks of the ROPA method
The technique used by a growing number of lesbian couples consists in using the oocyte of one to create an embryo which will then be inserted into the womb of the other which will lead to the pregnancy. A dangerous practice physically and psychologically both for the two women and for the child who will be born. Here because

In our recent statement For the True Good of Children we expressed our concern about the growing use of


Being born to a dead “surrogate mother”.
Professor at the University of Oslo proposes using the bodies of women in irreversible comas, which can be damaged without ethical complications, to carry out pregnancies on behalf of third parties. But also men in a vegetative state (so feminists don't get angry) grafting embryos into the liver. And the children? Topic not considered

Habla con ella, a film by Pedro Almodovar in which the young dancer Alicia, in a coma for

Italian news

New NO from the Supreme Court to the registration of "two fathers" from a rented womb
For the second time the Supreme Court reiterates: those birth certificates issued abroad cannot be registered by Italian registry offices. For the biological father's partner the only path is adoption. Surrogacy remains a high negative value and violates the dignity of women. Mayor Sala immediately stops transcribing them, as requested in our complaint

The sentences must be read carefully because the devil, so to speak, hides in the details. But no doubt about it


Towards the abolition of surrogacy: an anthology and a debate
CIAMS publishes a multi-voiced book against the uterus for rent and discusses it in an open webinar. Meanwhile in Italy, which is preparing to "welcome" the Womb for Rent Fair (in Milan on 21-22 May), two bills are already under discussion which extend the punishability of the practice even when carried out abroad. And a popular initiative bill is on the way

While in Italy we are preparing to "welcome" the Womb Fair for Rent, scheduled for 21-22 May in a location still

Italian news

Womb rental fair in Milan: open letter to Mayor Sala
Scheduled for May 21-22, the event will relaunch Gpa's business after the slowdowns caused by the pandemic. But in Italy advertising for the sale of children is a crime. We therefore ask the Mayor, the Executive and the City Council to pre-alert the Police Forces as well as to take any initiative against this clear violation of the law

To the Mayor of Milan Beppe Sala To the Council To the City Council We learn that on 21-22 May he will arrive in Milan at

International news

Ukraine: there is also the drama of "surrogate" mothers
Ukraine is the European factory for made-to-order babies: thousands are born every year. Today, to save the "product" and investment, rich clients demand that pregnant mothers leave the country on the brink of war, separating themselves from their families and children. Further violence against these poor and exploited women

Ukraine is on the brink of war. The world is holding its breath, Europe could find itself facing a conflict

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