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The “right” to have a slave: Hagar and the rented womb
For days the supporters of the Gpa have been relaunching the "news" with joy: even God allows a woman to have a child for others as demonstrated by the biblical narrative of Sarah - Abraham's wife incapable of conceiving - and her servant Hagar who lent her womb. Therefore, even today temporary slaves are claimed to be available: a real ethical and political short circuit. And an own goal. Also because the story of Genesis should be read in its entirety

For days on social media, supporters of the rented womb, in particular many LGBTQ+ activists and their supporters, have been relaunching the story [...]

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Only happiness
The universal crime of renting the womb is a quasi-law, approved by a large majority in the Chamber. With rare exceptions, the left voted against (the notable absence of Schlein and Conte in the chamber was notable). Final approval in the Senate within the year. Finally the result, after many years of bare-knuckle fighting. Hoping that Italy can become a model for the legislation of other countries in the defense of fundamental human rights

We could give you a summary of the many and very long previous episodes. Make a list of threats, insults, deplatforming, doors

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For the true good of children
Demand the complete transcription of birth certificates for those born from rented wombs and other assisted fertilization practices, rejecting the path of adoption by "intentional" parent (stepchild) indicated by the Court of Cassation and validated in these hours by the European Court of Human Rights, harms minors in the first instance. And it deprives them of those rights that they claim to want to defend: our statement

We at the Network for the Inviolability of the Female Body, RadFem Italia and FINAARGIT ((International feminist network against any artificial reproduction, ideology

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CIAMS, STOP SURROGACY NOW, FINRRAGE, THE JAPAN COALITION and other associations. And together with them eminent figures of international feminism such as SYLVIANE AGACINSKI, GENA COREA and PHYLLIS CHESLER. Who together with us are asking Italian parliamentarians to approve the law which will arrive in the Chamber on June 19th

Network for the Inviolability of the Female Body, Radfem Italia, FINAARGIT (International feminist network against all artificial reproduction, gender ideology and transhumanism)

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Because “asking” Schlein is a mistake
The open letter from "one hundred feminists" to the secretary of the PD is based on false hopes: Elly Schlein will not change her positions on the rented womb. Nor on the other themes of the transhuman umbrella that the letter does not mention - starting with free gender identity - and which structure her Zan-transfeminist political identity. Is it worth adopting a begging posture?

We hope that the "hundred feminists" who wrote to Elly Schlein - and with a good part of whom we are in constant

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USA, gay couple sues: the rented uterus is a "right", it must be paid for by health insurance
The request of the two men aims to have the fact of not having a uterus recognized as a "disability": an absurd, envious and revealing claim. If they won in court across America, insurance companies and employers would have to reimburse the gestations for other for men

A gay couple has filed a lawsuit in New York Labor Court seeking employer-provided insurance

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Womb rental fair in Milan: open letter to Mayor Sala
Scheduled for May 21-22, the event will relaunch Gpa's business after the slowdowns caused by the pandemic. But in Italy advertising for the sale of children is a crime. We therefore ask the Mayor, the Executive and the City Council to pre-alert the Police Forces as well as to take any initiative against this clear violation of the law

To the Mayor of Milan Beppe Sala To the Council To the City Council We learn that on 21-22 May he will arrive in Milan at

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Ukraine: there is also the drama of "surrogate" mothers
Ukraine is the European factory for made-to-order babies: thousands are born every year. Today, to save the "product" and investment, rich clients demand that pregnant mothers leave the country on the brink of war, separating themselves from their families and children. Further violence against these poor and exploited women

Ukraine is on the brink of war. The world is holding its breath, Europe could find itself facing a conflict

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Recording "two fathers" in the registry violates the Constitution
In particular, it violates article 3 which requires us to be equal before the law. The male couple would in fact be allowed to lie about the status filiationis of the child, something that is never allowed to a mother, who is always required to declare the truth about the paternity of her child. Otherwise, she would be sanctioned. Unacceptable

The Court of Milan ordered the Municipality to fully transcribe the birth certificate with "two fathers" of a child born

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