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Women deleted from the new Treaty on Crimes against Humanity
Women's Declaration International denounces: in the new draft of the Treaty the word sex is replaced by "gender", a term for which a precise definition is not given. This is a legal and unprecedented erasure of the female sex

WDI (Women's Declaration International) expresses extreme alarm at the fact that the current draft of the Treaty on Crimes against Humanity does not […]


From Gaza to Western delivery rooms, Judith Butler sees fascists everywhere
Fascists, obviously, we gender critical feminists too, "allies of the right and the Vatican". The Californian intellectual, renouncing all philosophical subtlety, compiles a political agenda that coincides with the platform of the university students in struggle. And he hopes for an alliance between trans, antifa, the pro-Pal movement, the homeless, black people, migrants and even women - understood as one of the many minorities - to build "a radical democracy inspired by the ideals of socialism". An account of the Bolognese stage of his triumphal European tour

Perhaps today we could talk about “Agenda Butler”: its platform coincides perfectly with the platform of the students' struggle


Making tons of money with “gender identity”
The techno-medical business as a whole has a turnover of 10 trillion dollars a year. To grow it must conquer new markets. The ideology that promotes the free choice of sex opens up an immense territory. Jennifer Bilek explains definitively and in detail how - and by whom - the LGB agenda was put at the service of the gender industry

One of the most brilliant tactics used by the gender industry in its fight to dismantle human sexual dimorphism for the

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Stonewall backs down and “allows” the use of the word mother
After losing agreements with some large companies, including the Health Service and the BBC - and therefore a lot of money - the largest British LGBTQ+ organization moderately updates its guidelines for "inclusivity": it will no longer be required to use terms as "pregnant person" or "person who has given birth" instead of mother. Change of course = no-bankruptcy

Stonewall has abandoned legislation advising workplace equality organizations to remove the word

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Radical Feminism for the 21st Century: An Anthology
Edited by Elizabeth Miller, the essay “Spinning and Weaving: Radical Feminism for the 21st century” collects contributions from women from all over the world. And it outlines means and objectives for the definitive liberation from patriarchal oppression

“Spinning” and “weaving”: the time of the Covid crisis, by slowing down the pace of everyday life, has offered us this precious opportunity, opening


8 May – III March for the abolition of prostitution, pornography, reproductive exploitation of women and sexual roles
The third edition of the March organized by Mujeres por la Abolición together with around a hundred Spanish feminist groups and 12 nationalities will be held today - in virtual form. From 4pm live on Instagram by @radfem_italia

More than 90 feminist organizations from Spain and 12 countries have co-organized the III Abolitionist March which will take place this

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