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No more drugs for girls with gender dysphoria!
For many years a pioneer of treatments based on puberty blockers and hormones for "gender non-conforming" minors, today the Finnish psychiatrist Riittakerttu Kaltiala denounces these "therapies" as dangerous, useless and devoid of scientific evidence. And he invites doctors from all over the world to find the courage to break the silence imposed by the censorship of activists and the rubber wall of the media

In Italy, a stubborn silence persists on pharmacological treatments intended for minors with gender dysphoria (puberty blockers, cross hormones [...]

International news

Spain stops Ley Trans. Germany too
Great victory for Spanish feminism: the government is divided over the Ley Trans - which introduced gender self-certification - and the abstention of the PSOE blocks the process. A similar law was blocked in the Bundestag. After the stop to self-id in the UK, transactivists are still on the corner. A boomerang also for the Zan bill

Bad blow for the transhumanists: with 78 votes in favour, 143 against and 120 abstentions, the Ley Trans process in

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