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Male bodies in women's sports: finally something is moving
It's about time: FIDAL, the Italian Athletics Federation, adapts to the directives of World Athletics to guarantee fairness in women's sports competitions by dictating strict conditions for the participation of trans athletes. Meanwhile, Martina Navratilova clarifies that "women's tennis is not for failed men" rebelling against an injustice which, she says, "is patriarchy"

While the tennis player Martina Navratilova is covered in insults for having reiterated the obvious, that is, that she is tired of seeing bodies [...]

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The trans-athlete Petrillo wins everything. And - obviously - think about politics
Fabrizio-Valentina Petrillo continues to rout her opponents. Last podium was the 200m master indoor championships in Ancona. He says that sport divided by sexes is violence. And he proclaims his motto-manifesto: «Everyone must have the opportunity to determine for themselves who they are». Starting with the genre

Between the Olympics and the Zan DDL, last year the sports newspapers dedicated a lot of space to "inclusive sport" and to Valentina born

Italian news

Too fast, too loud, too strong. Analysis of Petrillo's performances in the men's category and then in the women's #Olympics
Study by the statistician Marco Alciator on the athlete's results before and after taking hormones and changing the category from male to female - even if he is still a man in the registry office. As you can see, even by lowering testosterone levels for women there is no competition. But the media cheers for his easy victories

When someone questions the propriety of male-born athletes competing against women, they usually reply that

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