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Following the pressing request of the Minister for PPOO Eugenia Roccella, the deadline set for UDI to adapt its statute in order to also allow men to register has been postponed by 180 days. In the meantime, the powerful Schlienian Igor Taruffi, transfeminist councilor for Welfare and responsible for organizing the national PD, will have to explain which passage of the circular on the reform of the Third Sector justifies his attack on female separatism

Upon pressing request from the Minister of PPOO Eugenia Roccella, the Emilia Romagna Region granted a 180-day extension to [...]

Italian news

Because “asking” Schlein is a mistake
The open letter from "one hundred feminists" to the secretary of the PD is based on false hopes: Elly Schlein will not change her positions on the rented womb. Nor on the other themes of the transhuman umbrella that the letter does not mention - starting with free gender identity - and which structure her Zan-transfeminist political identity. Is it worth adopting a begging posture?

We hope that the "hundred feminists" who wrote to Elly Schlein - and with a good part of whom we are in constant

Italian news

PD primaries: transfeminist Elly Schlein wins
The young leader launches her takeover bid and wins. Making the Democratic Party a woke formation, in line with Western progressivism: rightsism, free gender identity, womb for rent, sex work. A challenge that is reminiscent of what is happening in Spain where radical feminism has divorced itself from the left

To begin with, congratulations to Elly Schlein and best wishes for her new role. Then the facts, as they are

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