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The British Prime Minister: “We will guarantee women their reserved spaces”
Vigorous change of wind in the UK after years of prevailing LGBTQ+ misogyny: against the invasion of bathrooms, women's changing rooms and shelters by men who self-identify as women, the English Prime Minister Rishi Sunak promises a reform of the Equality Act. As requested by a petition signed by over 100 thousand people will have to be based on biological sex and not on "gender identity". New guidelines also announced on sexual education and alias careers at school: decisive issues in view of the next elections

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has said he will change the Equality Act 2010 to protect […]


Omicron drama: we are to blame too
In the most difficult moment of our republican history we find ourselves with the most inadequate political class ever. E' It's also our fault for leaving room for the mediocre by practicing extraneousness, keeping our political passion out of the institutions and not adequately supporting those among us who would have the desire to bring female difference to you. Let's think about it very carefully next time

Dear all, and also dear people who read us, from my Milanese point of view I can affirm without fear of contradiction

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