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Spain: Ley Trans at the center of the electoral campaign
The popular Isabel Dìaz Ayuso, new president of the Madrid region, promises that a possible center-right government will change the highly contested Ley Trans approved by the Sanchez government which introduced the very free gender identity. In defense of the Constitution and above all the rights of women and children as well as freedom of opinion. Decisive issue in view of the political elections on July 23rd

Even in Spain, biopolitical issues have become issues of primary importance and are playing a decisive role in […]

Italian news

Open field, closed lists
The tiger's eye does not want to see that you can reassemble and recombine the lineup as much as you want, but if the faces and names remain the same you are very uncredible. And if the only objective recognizable by most of the electorate is to block the way to the political opponent - for once a woman, which makes everything even more surreal - the chances of success are not many

Work in progress for the construction of the large rassemblement or open field (the large one has been abandoned). The discussion is

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