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UK: gender identity will no longer be talked about at school
New crackdown by the Sunak government after the Cass report which also warns about the risks of the social transition of minors, the so-called "alias identity" which has already been adopted by many Italian schools: in the classroom we will not teach as much as we can change sex and sexual education will be calibrated according to age. And never without parental consent

After years and years of transactivists from associations like Stonewall and Mermaids playing havoc [...]

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Spain: woke sex also among the reasons for the end of Podemos
Ley Trans. “Only yes is yes” law which reduced sentences for sex criminals. And now also a Manifesto for sexual education for all * which puts the safety of girls and boys at risk. The spirit is always the same: a queer sexuality promoted by the outgoing minister Irene Montero. Which, however, apparently voters and voters don't like. An analysis by the teacher Juana Gallego, a feminist affected by cancel culture

In yesterday's local elections in Spain the left disastrously lost - as in Italy, after all. In particular yes

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UK: “Our children indoctrinated at school”. Parents of “trans” children sue government
“You have ruined our children”: families of minors who identify as “the opposite sex” sue the UK Department of Education for allowing trans-indoctrination in schools by Stonewall and other powerful LGBTQ organizations - la same propaganda that we wanted to introduce with the Zan- bill. And for not having been informed in time about the children's problems. The initiative could overwhelm the English government like an avalanche, which will take action by ordering an independent investigation and drawing up new guidelines

A group of parents of so-called "trans children" will sue the Department of Education for having routed

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“Changing sex is happiness!”: the trans-industry pushes furiously on children
What you see is a frame from a Dutch broadcast in which trans people show their naked bodies to 10-12 year old girls. But the propaganda hits hard especially in schools, where many students self-interpret their mental distress - it is an epidemic - as gender dysphoria. And British Prime Minister Sunak takes action, ordering an independent investigation into sex education courses

Yesterday in Rome a few hundred people gave life to the "Protect Trans Youth" demonstration in support of alias careers

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