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Bullying and social contagion behind the epidemic of "trans children" in English schools
Girls and boys who come home from school saying they are "trans" often suffer from autism or learning difficulties and have suffered episodes of bullying. In the UK, parents denounce the role of classmates and teachers and accuse schools of not fulfilling their duty of care towards vulnerable pupils

Since we founded Our Duty in 2018, we have collected the experiences of parents with children who would like to […]

International news

Detransition: first scientific study
Conducted by psychiatrist Lisa Littman who interviewed 100 detransitioners, the research highlights the complexity of these experiences. Doubts about the usefulness and effectiveness of pharmacological and surgical "therapies" are increasingly well founded. Let's see why

After a thorough scientific evaluation lasting one year, the results of the first systematic research on detransitioners have been published. I study

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