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UK: an investigative book is published on the Tavistock case, a clinic that "treated" autistic girls and led them to transition
BBC journalist Hanna Barnes struggled to find a publisher: the censorship we all know. But in the end he did it. And now his sensational essay is out on the Tavistock scandal, a clinic for the transition of minors closed by the English national health service: puberty blockers casually prescribed to pre-adolescents with autism, trauma or psychological disorders. For years some workers have tried to raise the alarm, but have been intimidated and silenced. An entirely political issue, because the health of girls and boys is at stake. Thousands across the West lured by pounding trans-propaganda

Hanna Barnes is a BBC journalist. After having conducted a thorough investigation into the Tavistock clinic in London, a center for […]

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Hormones to children: the world is revolting
Arkansas, and soon Texas and Tennessee. Sweden, Finland, UK, Australia: the number of Western countries abandoning pharmacological treatment for "gender non-conforming" girls is growing. And the prestigious Lancet asks to reconsider these "therapies" which continue to be prescribed in Italy. E' time to do battle

An article in the prestigious Lancet Child & Adolescent Health (see here) suggests greater caution in the use of puberty blockers on children

International news

Hormones to children: we can no longer remain silent
Sweden, Finland, UK sharply slow down on hormones for minors. In Italy they continue to be administered and the number of cases is not known. But it is no longer possible to remain silent. Interview with British psychiatrist David Bell, among the first to raise the alarm

For a couple of years, even in Italy it has been possible to administer puberty blockers to minors with so-called non-compliant behavior.

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