Who cooked Adam Smith's dinner? For an economic theory RadFem, speech by Sheila Jeffreys
Traditional economics based on “rational” homo oeconomicus never takes into account the base of the iceberg: the enormous amount of unpaid female work without which the system simply would not stand. The necessary change does not come from the inclusion of a greater number of women in a model based on aggression, gambling and risk, but from a new paradigm that puts the value of people, relationships and care at the center

In a recent seminar organized by Women's Declaration International as part of the Radical Feminist Perspectives meeting series, Sheila Jeffreys - former teacher […]


Health is a feminist issue
There is a lack of will to save public health. However, private investments are growing exponentially. Without a paradigm shift, without bringing the relationship back to the center of human care and coexistence, we will not see real changes. It's about that change in civilization that we've been talking about for some time

During the fourth Covid wave we re-verified - if there had been any need - the disaster of local public health:

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