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Spain: PSOE feminists sow obstacles in the path of the Ley Trans
After the recent about-face of the Spanish socialists, who had sided in favor of the Ley Trans, the party's feminists reopen the debate, proposing amendments against gender identity for the next Federal Congress. Which meet with the consensus of the base, while the management is currently silent

The feminist collective of the PSOE presented at the 40th Federal Congress of the party amendments to some points of the program which […]

International news

Spain reopens at the Ley Trans: sudden about-face by the PSOE
After having long blocked the law proposed by Podemos, and in particular free gender self-identification, the socialists are changing course. Perhaps following the recent electoral defeat in Madrid. On June 29, Pride time, the government will discuss the text fought by feminism. Which is very similar to the Zan bill

Blocked since February, negotiations for Ley Trans in Spain have suddenly resumed. Internal sources confirmed that the Government

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