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New Hampshire: no more "sex change" surgery on minors
The American state has approved a bill that prohibits surgeons from carrying out operations such as the removal of ovaries and breasts for females and the removal of penises and testicles for males on people under 18 years of age. The bill states that these interventions violate the patient's "informed consent" and emphasizes that studies have not shown a decrease in the risk of suicide among minors after the interventions. Indeed: the danger increases

New Hampshire is preparing to ban minors under 18 from undergoing surgery to change […]

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UK: increasingly clear no to gender self-identification (self-id)
Justice agrees with the Sunak government: the Scottish law that wanted to introduce free choice of sex is not constitutional. Meanwhile, the Minister of Equal Opportunities Kemi Badenoch defines the pharmacological treatment of "gender non-conforming" girls as "conversion therapy". And he announces a law against self-id tourism

Rishi Sunak's central British government had imposed a constitutional veto on Scotland's gender identity law. The High


On the risks of the ROPA method
The technique used by a growing number of lesbian couples consists in using the oocyte of one to create an embryo which will then be inserted into the womb of the other which will lead to the pregnancy. A dangerous practice physically and psychologically both for the two women and for the child who will be born. Here because

In our recent statement For the True Good of Children we expressed our concern about the growing use of

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Online porn: protect children. After the UK, France and Spain are also moving
Free access to violent content proposed by the porn lobby is one of the most serious problems for the very young generations, profoundly disturbed in the development of their sexuality. And it is accompanied by psychological disorders and a dramatic increase in sexual abuse. But the sites resist any attempt to impose age verification. It's time to talk about it in Italy too

We have already told you about the English government's measures to protect girls and boys from online pornography, which include fines

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“Changing sex is happiness!”: the trans-industry pushes furiously on children
What you see is a frame from a Dutch broadcast in which trans people show their naked bodies to 10-12 year old girls. But the propaganda hits hard especially in schools, where many students self-interpret their mental distress - it is an epidemic - as gender dysphoria. And British Prime Minister Sunak takes action, ordering an independent investigation into sex education courses

Yesterday in Rome a few hundred people gave life to the "Protect Trans Youth" demonstration in support of alias careers

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The prefect to Mayor Sala: stop the registration of children of same-sex couples
The decision makes those girls and boys more equal and not unequal as we read in many ideological comments today. Starting from the equal right to the truth about one's origins enshrined in all international conventions. And to the attribution of the same citizenship rights recognized to every new born: here's why

The prefect of Milan has ordered mayor Beppe Sala to block the transcriptions of birth certificates of children


Even in Italy the debate on puberty blockers is opening - finally!
Breaking the silence is the Italian Psychoanalytic Society which calls for an open scientific discussion on these treatments which it defines as "experimental", not supported by adequate studies and at high ethical risk because they predetermine the fate of girls and boys

Considerably behind the European Great North, Great Britain, Australia and some US states - which have abruptly slowed down

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Transition of little girls: how many are "convinced" on TikTok?
Videos with the hashtag #trans viewed more than 26 billion times. Very young influencers celebrating their "recovery" after double mastectomy. The social network most frequented by very young people proposes medical transition as cool and transgressive. And sex change becomes the new rebellion

While we read everywhere that TikTok was the most downloaded - and most profitable - app of 2021 worldwide, the Daily

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Dutch pedophile sells sex dolls in the guise of babies and children. Saying they're "therapeutic"
According to Bram Joosten and other manufacturers of similar objects, the horrifying "penetrable" and tortureable dolls serve to reduce real abuse. E' the exact opposite. Baby sex dolls increase pedophilia and "desensitize" people to the damage caused by abusing little girls and boys. Repugnant

” Warning: This research contains disturbing content relating to themes relating to pedophilia. All photos in this article are

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