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Prisons, Cartabia reform: the rights of trans people must be respected without making women pay the price
Among the possible measures is the establishment of trans departments adjacent to the women's sections to avoid violence from men. But space for inclusion cannot be found by asking female inmates to step back, forced to share cells with males who identify as women. It happens in Canada, in California, in Scotland. And there is already an Italian case

Justice Minister Marta Cartabia has announced that she intends to spend the month of January on prison reform. The […]

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Once out the door, gender identity already enters through the window
Gender identity returns to the Senate, included in a Pd-IV amendment to the Infrastructure bill. Rejected with the Zan bill, the concept reappears in other laws, statutes and regulations. A real encirclement that is a prelude to new imminent attempts to introduce self-certification or self-id. *Breaking news: the Infrastructure bill would already be law, approved just this morning

The Zan bill stumbled above all - but not only - on gender identity, the first step towards the free self-certification of

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Too fast, too tall, too strong: An analysis of Petrillo's performance in the men's and then in the women's category #Olympics
A study by statistician Marco Alciator on the athlete's results before and after taking hormones and switching from the male to the female category based on his declared gender identity. Evidently, even with the lowered testosterone levels required to compete in the women's category, he is still unfairly advantaged. But the media rejoices at his easy victories.

When questions arise about the fairness of trans-identified male athletes competing with women, the usual response is that their performance

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Spain reopens at the Ley Trans: sudden about-face by the PSOE
After having long blocked the law proposed by Podemos, and in particular free gender self-identification, the socialists are changing course. Perhaps following the recent electoral defeat in Madrid. On June 29, Pride time, the government will discuss the text fought by feminism. Which is very similar to the Zan bill

Blocked since February, negotiations for Ley Trans in Spain have suddenly resumed. Internal sources confirmed that the Government

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A femicide named Lorena
The Canary Islands approve a law that allows self-certification of gender. And just two days later a murderer on trial for having abused and killed his cousin declared himself a woman to escape the aggravating circumstances for a sexual crime. And being detained in a women's prison. A case that shakes Spain

Feminists have been warning for some time. And it's happening. For months, Spanish feminism has been doing a great job of informing

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Spain stops Ley Trans. Germany too
Great victory for Spanish feminism: the government is divided over the Ley Trans - which introduced gender self-certification - and the abstention of the PSOE blocks the process. A similar law was blocked in the Bundestag. After the stop to self-id in the UK, transactivists are still on the corner. A boomerang also for the Zan bill

Bad blow for the transhumanists: with 78 votes in favour, 143 against and 120 abstentions, the Ley Trans process in

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Self-certification of gender, womb for rent: this is what the Zan bill is for. Said clearly from the stage in Milan
Marilena Grassadonia - Rainbow Families, Italian Left - clarifies this definitively in her speech at the demonstration in favor of the Zan bill: the real objectives are self-certification of gender and the right to a rented womb. Here, already ready, is the bill on self-id

Yesterday from the stage in the square in Milan in support of the Zan bill, Marilena Grassadonia - former president of Famiglie Arcobaleno, from

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